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Bad Transits Revisited

HangedMan - Celestial
Considering the furore that's going on about the Cardinal Grand Cross, I thought it might be time to talk a bit more about 'bad transits'. I addressed this before in a past post but as I'm being attacked from all sides, I thought it...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Xmas - the-nativity
I am taking a break from the weekly post for a couple of weeks whilst I focus on looming deadlines and some longer term projects. However the daily cosmic tides will still be here as well as the monthly forecast video. I would like to...

On Bees and Bad Transits

I promised you a post on what's been happening in my life. I decided to write this because I wanted to share with you some of the startling astrological correlations and also to talk a bit about 'bad transits'. It's a personal post but...

Time Out

In true Mercury retrograde style, I need to stop and retrace my steps. Currently, Saturn is about to make it's last opposition to my natal Mercury in the 9th house. At the first hit, I had massive problems with my web host which meant I...

Saying Goodbye to my Father – IC Reflections

I think I've been holding myself back from writing this but having just read Neeti Ray's beautiful post  I find words tumbling in my mind, urging me to set them down. Saturn has already touched once on my IC by transit and is still only...

Mars – Get Outta my House!

My sword has been sharpened, my armour polished and I'm ready for battle! Mars is currently retrograde and war dancing back and forth across my Ascendant. During his hopping mad journey he will be opposing my Moon,then squaring my natal Mars and Sun and...

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