Mercury retrograde August 2016 – Repairs

Maybe Mercury is being kind. I haven't felt his influence unduly since he entered the shadow zone. Granted I'm a little snowed under as I juggle client work, writing, keeping on top of my health and planning my latest project to decorate the house....

Transiting Uranus Retrograde 2016

Uranus stations retrograde at 21:06 (UT time) on the 29th July 2016 at 24°Ar30' and will remain retrograde until the 29th December 2016. Uranus is the Awakener of the zodiac, a cosmic alarm clock who periodically jolts us out of our slumber. Unlike his solar...

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus 2016 – Fundamental

Shadowy Mercury has been relatively quiet for me. Whilst retrograde Mars tinkers with my cooker and hot water boiler, Mercury's build up to this current retrograde period has been notable by its absence. The only suggestion so far has been sitting tapping my fingers...

Mars Retrograde 2016 – Slow Down

Mars stations retrograde at 12:13 (UT) on the 17th April 2016 at 08°Sg54' R My boiler is about to break again. It's losing pressure. It clanks and whirs as it heats the hot water up. I turn the pressure up but within a few days...

Mercury Retrograde January 2016 – Mental Storms

Mercury has already been in shadow for a while but it's only today that I've begun to feel its influence in the little annoyances - an email address suddenly returning my mail as spam, Youtube videos not playing on my ipad, misunderstanding a Facebook...

Mercury Retrograde September 2015 – It’s Not Fair

Mercury stations retrograde at 18:09 (UT) on the 17th September 2015 at 15°LIB55'. In mythology, Mercury had an access all areas pass as he carried messages between the Gods and humankind. The heavens, earthly realms and Hades were all open to him. Symbolically, Mercury's story...

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