Tarot, Karma and Past Lives

I'm running away from Mother, past the flower seller in the street. My feet slip on the muddy ground. My shoes are some kind of sacking material. My linen dress is blue and white, old, dirty and far too big for me. I'm...

Tarot Card Meanings – Eight of Wands

Card Description Eight wands fly through a beautifully clear blue sky. The fourth wand from the top seems a little shorter than the others. The wands are all sprouting leaves. At the base of the card flows a river. Fertile land surrounds it and just in...

30 Day Tarot Challenge – Question 10

Q. What card best represents your personality (or, is most often pulled to represent you in a spread) Since I started working with the Tarot, the card I have always identified as 'me' has been the Empress. I don't actually remember when this begun but...

The Conflict Resolution Spread

Conflict Resolution Spread
My friend, normally happy-go-lucky was seriously ticked off with her partner and not in a good place. Recently she'd found herself getting angry at the smallest things. It seemed that everything he did was specifically to annoy her and she felt disconnected. She was...

Developing Your Tarot Business – Ask Your Cards

Tarot For Business
I was having a business planning session the other day, jotting down ideas for development and in the process, I thought I'd ask the tarot for some advice. The result was quite interesting and the guidance succinct so I thought it might help some...

Tarot Illuminati – A Review

The very first time I saw one of these cards posted on Facebook, it caught my attention. I made a note of the name of the deck and planned to look it up. It languished on my 'to do' list until a couple of...

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