Tarot as a Second Language

I've been learning Portuguese now for 8 years. Admittedly it's a little haphazard. Initially, I learned alone, then I took a class in which I proudly got top marks. Sometimes I have intensive weeks of learning, sometimes I skip a month - or two. I've switched my...

Developing Your Tarot Business – Ask Your Cards

Tarot For Business
I was having a business planning session the other day, jotting down ideas for development and in the process, I thought I'd ask the tarot for some advice. The result was quite interesting and the guidance succinct so I thought it might help some...

30 Day Tarot Challenge – Question 6

Q. What was the first spread you learned? Like many before me, the first spread I learned was the Celtic Cross. Even now, it's still my 'go to' spread. It gives a very good overview of the situation and invites the reader in to ever...

The 8 of Swords – Blind Man’s Bluff

The 8 of Swords has been in my readings for too long. I've got to a point where I see myself taking one of those damn swords and hacking at the bindings around her just to get rid of her. I'm done. I'm done...

Tarot Card Meanings – The Fool

Card Description A young man dressed in a flamboyant shirt, leggings and boots stands poised on the edge of a cliff. A feathered plume is set upon his cap. His head is pointed to the sky and his forward momentum suggests he will step right...

How I Came to Read Tarot

I've been thinking about my Grandmother a lot recently. She passed away back in 1987 and for some years after she made her presence felt. Then one day she came to me in a dream and said she was moving on, that there were...

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