The Devil Unchained – A Tarot Spread

Unchaining - The Devil Spread
I was having a mare of a day the other day. I couldn't decide what to do. I felt tired, irritable and my mood was turning darker by the minute. I was trying to write and my mind was blank. I even just typed...

30 Day Tarot Challenge – Question 9

Q. What card do you pull the most often? Why do you think that is the case? Overall, I think the card I pull the most often is the Seven of Cups but I also have phases where certain cards repeat again and again. Recently...

Words with the Fool – A Meditation

The Fool has been coming up religiously in my own readings now for the past few weeks, calling for my attention. Yes, yes… I thought impatiently one afternoon. I need to take that leap of faith. I felt irritated – with myself, with the cards,...

Tarot Card Meanings – Justice

Card description The figure of Justice sits upon a stone seat between two pillars. She is dressed in an opulent red gown decorated with yellow trimmings around the collar. She wear a crown with a clear stone set into the centre over her third eye....

30 Day Tarot Challenge – Question 8

Q. Which card do you dread pulling the most? Three of Swords. Oh my, I do shudder when I see that card - especially the stark Rider Waite. Whilst I am aware of the positives, in practice I have found that it tends to show...

Tarot Card Meanings – The Eight of Pentacles

Card Description A young man is chiselling a pentacle, entirely focused on the task at hand. There are six pentacles hanging down the side. Another pentacle lies perhaps discarded by his feet. In the background, a church can be seen in the distance. Number 8 Astrological Correspondence Sun in...

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