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Transits and Progressions

Mercury Retrograde Through the Houses

  In this post I am going to offer an analysis of what it means for Mercury to travel backwards through the natal birth houses. To help you understand more about the retrograde cycle itself, I recommend checking out this post where I discuss it in full. Mercury rules the...

Transiting Moon in Libra

With the Moon in Libra, the focus is on relationships and relating. This gentle combination is signified by kindness and creating a peaceful, welcoming atmosphere in the home. It is ideal to spend some quality time with the one you love. Show them that you appreciate them...

Transits – Saturn Opposite Mercury

Saturn transiting opposite Mercury can feel like make or break. Saturn is about solidity, structure, seriousness, duty, weight. His prime functions in astrology are to teach you, to help you to consolidate your life, to enable you to take on responsibility and to help...

Transiting Moon in Capricorn

When the Moon is in Capricorn, it is the perfect time to focus on your career and aspirations. What do you want to be known and/or respected for? Who do you respect and why? Capricorn rules the 10th house of the natural chart -...

Transiting Moon in Taurus

The Moon is in earthy Taurus bestowing a warm and grounded energy amongst us. Ruled by Venus, Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and it is here we come face to face with the limitations of and love of our physical body....

Transits – Saturn conjunct Ascendant

lizzatori - Saturn conjunct Asc
The Ascendant is the lens through which you view life so when Saturn arrives here, it's like he's brought up close and personal for your viewing! As one of the major angles of the chart, any planetary movements here tend to be experienced in...

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