Transits to the Natal Chart – List

Transits by Mercury Mercury retrograde through the houses Transits by Mars Mars retrograde through the houses - combats and strategies Transits by Jupiter Jupiter conjunct the Sun Jupiter conjunct Jupiter (The Jupiter Return) Transits by Saturn Saturn square the Moon Saturn opposite Mercury Saturn opposite Mars Saturn conjunct the Ascendant Transits by Uranus Uranus conjunct Mercury Uranus conjunct...

Saying Goodbye to my Father – IC Reflections

I think I've been holding myself back from writing this but having just read Neeti Ray's beautiful post  I find words tumbling in my mind, urging me to set them down. Saturn has already touched once on my IC by transit and is still only...

Saturn Retrograde – Step by Step

People often struggle to make sense of retrograde cycles. What do they really mean? What's all this going inwards, things moving backwards, internalisation, slowing down etc. anyway? Honestly, can Saturn really make things drag anymore? I'm already feeling like I'm in slow motion, one...

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