New Moon in Cancer June 2017 – Video

New Moon in Cancer 2017
New Moon blessings everyone. Here's a video with my thoughts on this lunation. Time was getting short and I fancied a change from writing - so did my arthritic hip joint which was complaining about sitting for too long!

April 2015 Astrology Forecast – Video

April 2015 Astrology Forecast - Aspects 4th April Lunar eclipse 8th April Jupiter stations direct 10th April Black Moon Lilith begins a series of 11 conjunctions to the North Node See my article for more information on Mean and True Lilith 11th April Venus enters Gemini 14th April Mercury enters...

Jupiter enters Libra 2016 – Video

Jupiter enters Libra on the 9th September 2016 and will remain in this sign until 10th October 2017. In this video I discuss the symbolism of Jupiter and Libra and talk about the passage of Jupiter through Libra - what it may mean for...