March 2015 Astrology Forecast – Video

March 2015 Astrology Forecast - Major Aspects 3rd March Jupiter trine Uranus 5th March Mars conjunct South Node 5th March Full Moon in Virgo 10th March Mars trine Jupiter 11th March Mars conjunct Uranus 11th March Mars square Pluto 13th March Mercury enters Pisces 14th March Saturn retrograde 17th March Uranus square Pluto 20th...

April 2015 Astrology Forecast – Video

April 2015 Astrology Forecast - Aspects 4th April Lunar eclipse 8th April Jupiter stations direct 10th April Black Moon Lilith begins a series of 11 conjunctions to the North Node See my article for more information on Mean and True Lilith 11th April Venus enters Gemini 14th April Mercury enters...

October 2014 Astrology Forecast – Video

October 2014 astrology forecast In this video... Mercury Retrograde The Grand Fire Trine Lunar Eclipse Sun and Venus conjunct the North Node Solar eclipse Mercury Direct and Mars enters Capricorn  

February 2020 Astrology Forecast – Video

Hello everyone Here is my video forecast for February 2020     FEBRUARY 2020 MAJOR ASPECTS (covered in the video) 02-Feb-20 Mercury enters shadow zone 03-Feb-20 Mercury enters Pisces 07-Feb-20 Venus enters Aries 09-Feb-20 Full Moon in Leo 09-Feb-20 Mars out of bounds - until March 2 14-Feb-20 Venus square the Nodes 15-Feb-20 Uranus semi-sextile...

June 2015 Astrology Forecast – Video

June 2015 Astrology Forecast - Aspects 2nd June Full Moon in Sagittarius 5th June Mars sextile Jupiter 9th June Mars sextile Uranus 9th June Last Quarter Moon in Pisces 11th June Mercury Stations Direct 12th June Mars square Chiron 12th June Neptune Stations Retrograde 15th June Saturn re-enters Scorpio 16th June New Moon in...