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  1. Would like to have the 99 natal chart done but can’t find any place to put my birthdate time and place in before I pay and felt odd paying without putting in any of that information. What am I doing wrong? 🙂

  2. Hi there Rene – Thanks for your interest in a natal reading. You’re not doing anything wrong! 😀 When I receive notification that you have paid for a chart by paypal, I will email you for your birth details and also to ask if you have any questions etc. The email will be sent to your paypal email address. Interesting synchronicity that you should ask as I have just been researching how to put forms on my website, lol! If you have any further questions before purchasing, please feel free to email me [email protected]

  3. Dear Leah,
    I was just writing you to tell you how thankful I am to have come across your website. Your daily astrology rings so true to me, I feel you are living beside me, showing me the way. You are a gift to many, and I just wanted to say thank you, that I am grateful, and give me the strength I need to live out each day.
    With Love and Light,

  4. Hi, I would like to have a reading but I never put my card details on the internet so maybe when I can find out how to set up a paypal account ! I just wanted to say that I have just come back from Greece and it felt like home! Looking at the chart for Greece republic I know see that nearly all my planets connect with trines or conjunctions with the Greek chart and I am gutted about what is happening there. My jupiter in Cancer is in exact trine with their Piscean Jupiter, and my natal Uranus in Cancer trines their midheaven. Also their north node in Sagittarius is exactly trine my natal sun ! Hopefully I will get paypal set up, I enjoyed your article, it gives hope. And the people of Greece are gutted at the moment


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