Moon artThe cycle of the Moon gives us a rhythm to live by. In the yearly round, each month there is a New Moon and Full Moon – a beginning and a culmination. Because the Moon’s orbit takes on average 28 days, every two to three years we have a second Full Moon in a month, commonly called a Blue Moon. The lunar month begins at New Moon when the Moon and Sun are in conjunction. Roughly two weeks later, the Full Moon occurs when the Moon and Sun lie opposite one another.

By following the Moon’s cycle through your chart, each month you can see what needs attention and where you are bringing things to fruition. Each lunar month brings two opposite houses of your chart into focus. 1/7, 2 /8, 3/9, 4 /10, 5 /11, 6 /12. Occasionally, depending on your house cusp degrees (and house system used), this cycle can become altered so that for a time, the Full Moon may fall in the next house along. For example a New Moon in the 2nd house with a Full Moon in the 9th house. I tend to think of these periods where you are being stretched to go the extra mile. Perhaps there’s a need to make up for lost time, gain ground or perhaps it’s simply that what is begun in the house of the New Moon needs culmination in the house of the Full Moon. Watch the cycles for yourself in your own chart and see how it manifests.

New Moon
The Moon and Sun are conjunct.
The house of the New Moon indicates where in your life there is the potential for beginnings. It is the perfect time to set intentions, make a start, visualise, pray, ritualise your wishes and generally focus your attention on the concerns of that house. It is a time of renewal and can be accompanied by a feeling of excitement or anticipation. As the Moon waxes, your projects and ideas grow. You make connections. Things develop.

Full Moon
Moon and Sun are opposite.
At Full Moon, the house will show what needs winding up, bringing to a head, completing. finishing, bringing to public attention, projecting or put on display. It can also be a time when problems come to a head or the short fall becomes visible. Full Moons tend to be more emotionally charged than a New Moon due to the tense opposition aspect between the Sun and Moon. What we privately began at New Moon, now comes out into the open. The reactions and responses from others generate certain responses in us. As the Full Moon begins to wane, it’s time to release what isn’t needed for the next part of the cycle.

Solar eclipses
tend to occur around twice a year although there can be as many as five. The latter occurs extremely rarely and none of us here now will live to see the next time this will occur as it’ll be in 2206! Likewise, lunar eclipses also tend to occur twice a year as well. In an eclipse season, we may have a solar eclipse followed by a lunar eclipse, a lunar eclipse followed by a solar eclipse or a solar eclipse surrounded by two lunar eclipses.

The Solar eclipse is a magnified New Moon
A Lunar eclipse is a magnified Full Moon

Eclipses in astrology are by their nature unpredictable. Things can come out of the blue. There can be pleasant surprises or unwelcome revelations. Generally eclipses can throw you a curve ball. Try not to get caught up in the horror stories because one of the blessings (and the beasts) of eclipses is that they rarely manifest in the way you think they will! Also, if the eclipse is unaspected and not triggering any other transit or progression in the chart, it may pass by as a mere blip on the horizon. Just take note of the house in which it falls for future reference. Eclipses usually stimulate pairs of houses so this house axis indicates areas of life that may be brought sharply into focus. If the eclipse (solar or lunar) is aspecting an important point, the degree tends to remain sensitive for some time to come – up to around three years in some cases. Mars particularly tends to stimulate the point by conjunction or opposition. Saturn tends to bring the eclipse effect to a close.

How to Use the Moons
I tend to find that New and Full Moons tend to have the strongest effect when they are aspecting a planet, point or houses cusp in the chart as mentioned above – particularly with the hard aspects (conjunction, square and opposition). They can also activate other transits and progressions in the chart. I use an orb of around 2 degrees for a New or Full Moon and 3 for an eclipse.

It can be useful to look back to previous New and Full Moons to see where they hit your chart. If you keep a journal, check to see what was happening at the time. Consider the house, planet and point that is aspected to get a clearer picture of the effect. Even if you aren’t sure of the aspects involved, following the houses of the Moon phases can give you an excellent way into your chart. By focusing on the nature of each beginning and peak lunar cycle and the area of life affected, you are beginning to tune in to the rhythm of your own chart, growing in awareness of your connection to the cosmos.

MOONS 2023

Full Moon06-Jan-2323:07:53UT16°Cn21′
New Moon21-Jan-2320:53:14UT01°Aq32′
Full Moon05-Feb-2318:28:33UT16°Le40′
New Moon20-Feb-2307:05:49UT01°Pi22′
Full Moon07-Mar-2312:40:21UT16°Vi40′
New Moon21-Mar-2317:23:07UT00°Ar49′
Full Moon06-Apr-2305:34:30BST16°Li07′
Solar Eclipse20-Apr-2305:12:30BST29°Ar50′
Lunar Eclipse05-May-2318:34:01BST14°Sc58′
New Moon19-May-2316:53:15BST28°Ta25′
Full Moon04-Jun-2304:41:43BST13°Sg18′
New Moon18-Jun-2305:37:07BST26°Ge43′
Full Moon03-Jul-2312:38:40BST11°Cp18′
New Moon17-Jul-2319:31:49BST24°Cn56′
Full Moon01-Aug-2319:31:39BST09°Aq15′
New Moon16-Aug-2310:38:10BST23°Le17′
Full Moon31-Aug-2302:35:36BST07°Pi25′
New Moon15-Sep-2302:39:47BST21°Vi58′
Full Moon29-Sep-2310:57:31BST06°Ar00′
Solar Eclipse14-Oct-2318:55:06BST21°Li07′
Lunar Eclipse28-Oct-2321:24:00BST05°Ta09′
New Moon13-Nov-2309:27:22UT20°Sc43′
Full Moon27-Nov-2309:16:17UT04°Ge51′
New Moon12-Dec-2323:32:00UT20°Sg40′
Full Moon27-Dec-2300:33:11UT04°Cn58′


MOONS 2024

New Moon11-Jan-2411:57:23UT20°Cp44′
Full Moon25-Jan-2417:53:58UT05°Le14′
New Moon09-Feb-2422:59:09UT20°Aq40′
Full Moon24-Feb-2412:30:24UT05°Vi23′
New Moon10-Mar-2409:00:24UT20°Pi16′
Lunar Eclipse25-Mar-2407:00:18UT05°Li07′
Solar Eclipse08-Apr-2419:20:49BST19°Ar24′
Full Moon24-Apr-2400:48:57BST04°Sc17′
New Moon08-May-2404:21:54BST18°Ta02′
Full Moon23-May-2414:53:07BST02°Sg55′
New Moon06-Jun-2413:37:42BST16°Ge17′
Full Moon22-Jun-2402:07:51BST01°Cp07′
New Moon05-Jul-2423:57:22BST14°Cn23′
Full Moon21-Jul-2411:17:07BST29°Cp08′
New Moon04-Aug-2412:13:02BST12°Le34′
Full Moon19-Aug-2419:25:47BST27°Aq15′
New Moon03-Sep-2402:55:33BST11°Vi04′
Lunar Eclipse18-Sep-2403:34:26BST25°Pi40′
Solar Eclipse02-Oct-2419:49:14BST10°Li03′
Full Moon17-Oct-2412:26:22BST24°Ar35′
New Moon01-Nov-2412:47:06UT09°Sc35′
Full Moon15-Nov-2421:28:29UT24°Ta00′
New Moon01-Dec-2406:21:23UT09°Sg32′
Full Moon15-Dec-2409:01:39UT23°Ge52′
New Moon30-Dec-2422:26:46UT09°Cp43′

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  1. Hi Leah

    very many thanks for compiling both this list and the planetary events list for 2016. I posted the latter on my blog with full credit to you and a link through to your blog. I’ve just turned them both into handouts for my students – and myself! – but with full credit to you as before. Trust this is ok by you?

  2. Christina Gladney

    Dear Leah,

    I have planned and worked for many years to open my own business selling artwork and collectable vintage items. I would like to have my grand opening on September 1, 2016. I checked my chart for that day. Yikes! It is an eclipse day with several planets in Virgo opposing my natal 10th house sun at 28 degrees pisces. Is this extremely auspicious or should I hide under my bed that day instead of opening a new business? Please advise!

  3. Hi Christina
    You new business idea sounds great. Generally speaking, eclipses have quite an unpredictable energy so I would not normally recommend an eclipse date for a business opening. If you would like to explore possible dates, I would recommend purchasing a 30 minute astro-tarot reading. Readings will be available to purchase again from the 1st June.

  4. Christina Gladney

    I have always taken an interest in tarot as well, so I am certainly not opposed to seeking guidance from that source. But I am a bit surprised. You really feel tarot is a better way to pin point an auspicious time, rather than studying my chart? Just curious as to why?

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. You have already been helpful.

  5. Hi Christina
    Ah yes, sorry I should have said…the reading is labelled ‘astro-tarot’ as I sometimes like to use tarot for people’s readings depending on the questions but for this reading I would use just astrology 🙂

  6. Christina Gladney

    Thanks Leah. I will get back to you in June. I feel this issue of when to open my new business is important enough to warrant a consultation with. Also, the eclipses seem to be hitting especially sensitive points for me this year. Any guidance along those lines will be much appreciated.

    Au revoir,

  7. My daughter is needing to book her wedding next year and we need some advice. She was looking at Feb. 17 or 18, 2017. The moon is waxing at that time. Is this a good time for her to tie the knot ?


  8. Hi Robin
    A waxing Moon is good but choosing a wedding election is a complex process with many factors involved. I no longer offer wedding elections amongst my range of readings however the following astrologers do this kind of work :-
    Leisa Schaim
    Diana Stone
    Kelly Surtees
    Nina Gryphon

  9. Hello Leah
    I have just discovered your website and love the way you write. You piece on North nodes mine being 2 degree Cancer has given me a haha moment. I have been searching for so long for clarity of meaning and you have given me a hint of this. Much thanks to you. Can I check what full moon conjunct natal venus means please?
    Much respect
    Thanks Jennifer

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