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I offer sensitive and intuitive astrology readings to guide you on your soul journey. My readings weave together planetary symbolism, asteroids myths and Sabian symbols. The goal is to provide you with deep insight to help unravel puzzling or difficult life experiences and spiritual dilemmas. Astrology is a wonderful tool that can be used to gain a different perspective of your life, putting you firmly in the driving seat. I also offer tarot and dream analysis. Please note that I do not currently offer Skype readings. All readings are recorded as an MP3 file and then sent to you to listen to at your own convenience. Copies of the relevant charts (and/or tarot if applicable) are also sent as PDF files.

  • Once, I receive your payment, I will send you an acknowledgement email and a short client intake questionnaire.
  • If you have any questions before booking, please email me
  • All prices are in UK Pounds. Payment is secure via Paypal only.
  • For all astrology readings you need to know your :- Time of Birth, Date of Birth, Place of Birth
  • If you are familiar with houses systems, I use Equal House throughout.
  • I prefer a client centred approach and therefore do not offer synastry readings. All readings work with your chart alone.
  • Please read my Readings Terms and FAQ and my Privacy Policy before booking.
  • You can check out testimonials from clients here

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I look forward to working with you!

COMPLETION TIMES - please note :-
I am currently booked until mid February 2021. Readings will go on sale again in the early Spring of 2021. I am not keeping a waiting list due to the large amount of admin that this involves.

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