Solar Eclipse in Scorpio – October 2022

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse takes place on October 25, 2022 at 11:48 (BST). The New Moon will be at 02SCO00.

This is a strong fixed water chart; these attributes are connected to Scorpio. We’re deep in our emotions here, perhaps even stuck in stagnant waters if some emotional stuff hasn’t been dealt with. This is a South Node eclipse and often the South Node can indicate where we get stuck. Still, Scorpio energy will help us to clear away what isn’t necessary. The general themes raised by Scorpio are around intimacy and sex, shared resources, debts, what we owe to others, loans and taxes, death and closure, unconscious motivations, fears and phobias along with all that is occult i.e. hidden.

A solar eclipse can manifest as feeling like we are momentarily in the dark but then a revelation comes. I think this is even more prominent with Scorpio solar eclipses. As eclipses are intimately tied up with the movement of the Nodes, the stories connected have a karmic quality to them. They speak of the spiritual lessons we are learning both collectively and individually. With the Moon and Sun tightly conjunct Venus, this eclipse has the power to open the heart and drive away fear that keeps us from deepening bonds with one another and with ourselves. Yes, the atmosphere is intense and shadowy but the way through is to be heart-centred and loving – both to ourselves and to others.

The Sabian symbol of this New Moon is ‘A House-Raising Party In A Small Village Enlists The Neighbours’ Cooperation.’ It’s a constructive symbol that speaks of people working together to achieve a final aim. There are some things that we simply cannot do alone. Perhaps then, given that we are in Scorpio which speaks of what we share, this is a strong reminder to reach out, to connect, to let others know what we need. The word cooperation also makes me think of Venus and how present she is in this eclipse chart. Venus naturally wants to cooperate with others. It’s all about the natural balance of give and take. However, for the house in the symbol to be built, everyone needs to be following the same plan and have an understanding of the ultimate vision. Perhaps then, the eclipse is emphasising that we need a common goal to unite us – a goal of where and how we would like to live in the future.

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Painting – Night by Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis