The Cardinal Grand Cross – April 2014

the-temptation-and-fall-of-eve-1808As I write it is early January 2014 and at the moment we are going through what feels like a dress rehearsal to the main event that will happen in April 2014. Currently the planets Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are all with orb of a Grand Cross configuration. Mars and Uranus lie opposite one another as do Jupiter and Pluto. All four planets are square to each other. Whilst these orbs are still wide compared to what we will experience in April, they already seem to be giving us a flavour of events.

Squares and oppositions are typically noted for being tense aspects. Squares tend to produce conflict and demand action of some kind to resolve the situation. Oppositions can indicate where we project out ‘stuff’ that we don’t want to deal with. Oppositions can be as the name implies and characterise where we come into opposition with other’s beliefs, ways of being, needs, wants and desires. Oppositions can generate a need to make a decision that is foisted upon us from what seems to be an outside force, although often it is a projection of an internal dilemma.

Both squares and oppositions are dynamic aspects that request we change something in our lives and change is rarely easy. Even changes that we desire can evoke their own kind of stress.

On a personal level, I have Mars currently transiting through my 3rd house (communication) and Jupiter transiting through my 12th house. As these two gear up to perfect to a square tomorrow (8th January), I woke up to find my email had been hijacked by a spammer. The result was nearly 3000 returned/delayed emails to delete. Don’t forget that the 12th house can be the house of secret enemies!

But of course en masse, we are also seeing a possible manifestation of this in all the crazy weather we are experiencing. A polar vortex in the US generating record breaking low temperatures along with massive snow storms; storm after storm of rain and wind in the UK causing havoc and deaths and an Atlantic swell that has flooded coastlines here in the UK, France and Portugal. Back in my November video I noted that unusual weather patterns are associated with the Uranus-Pluto square and boy has that come to pass! Note too that 2013 saw a record number of volcanic eruptions.

I think before I go any further that I should point out now that I am not predicting the end of the world and doom and gloom for everyone. In fact, these aspects are perfect for generating the energy needed to make changes both in society and also on a personal level. What I sense most of all is that this cross is forcing us into a position where we MUST change the things that aren’t working for us – again both personally and in the wider world. The intense weather patterns have naturally fuelled conversation on climate change. If you look at it symbolically, the weather is connected to our own emotional patterns. Where there are emotional storms and dramas, we can be reasonably sure these will take centre stage in April – if only to be seen, heard and dealt with. Something needs to be looked at, acknowledged, accepted and ultimately transformed.

But I also feel it would be remiss of me not to mention that these kinds of energies can have quite dramatic manifestations in the outer world, especially when we seem to live in such times of conflict. Whilst this pattern can be used for profound good, the opposite is also true and there is a war-like call to action present within the chart. It’s dynamic and it’s volatile.

The signs involved – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are all cardinal signs. These Cardinal signs mark the changes of season, the active turning points of the year.  They focus on the idea of the self, beginnings,(Aries), home and family (Cancer), Relationships, justice and truth (Libra) and established systems (Capricorn). Out of interest, I noticed that Mars in Libra has already got a look in as solicitors/lawyers in the UK staged their first ever strike yesterday in protest over cuts to legal aid – a highly apt manifestation of Mars in Libra square Jupiter, opposite Uranus!

As to the planets involved we have :-

Mars (defence, offence, anger, desire, motivation)

Jupiter (beliefs, faith, the clergy, expansion, learning)

Uranus (rebellion, eccentricity, shocking change, freedom)

Pluto (elimination, willpower, power, fear)

These are just some of the keywords involved. Putting it all together we start to get a picture of the clash between old and new, systems breaking down, established structures changing, revolutionary ideas or revolution, changes in family patterns, changes in the old ways of doing things, facing enforced change, facing fear, nothing will ever be the same. That old song ‘O the times they are a-changing’ is set on repeat in my mind.

Cardinal Grand Cross April 2014 2

With the refrain singing, I can’t ignore that each of our four planetary players will be on the 13th degree of their respective signs. The number 13 relates to the Death card in the tarot. This much maligned number is in many cultures seen as dark and negative yet it also is associated with magic, the Moon and female cycles.

I decided to take a look at the Sabian symbols of these degrees :-

In The Heat Of The Noon Hour A Man Takes A Siesta

A Very Old Man Facing A Vast Dark Space To The Northeast

A Serpent Coiling Near A Man And A Woman

An Ancient Bas-Relief Carved In Granite Remains A Witness To A Long-Forgotten Culture

It’s strange, as I read the symbols in planetary order, they have a dream-like quality to them, almost nightmarish. But nightmares are a way of the subconscious mind screaming a warning – you need to deal with this!

It’s as though the human race has been asleep for a long time and we have consequently faced the darkest aspects of ourselves and what we are capable of. Humankind has been tempted away by the promise of riches other than those that bountiful Mother nature offers. We took our beautiful garden and laid waste to it. And one day, the world we live in now, our cities and empires, our banks and institutions – all these will be dust. Every nation falls eventually.

Perhaps the key is in Uranus because the serpent is also a symbol of wisdom – specifically feminine wisdom. Perhaps the divine Mother/Mother Earth will have something more to say. The ouroborous reminds us that everything decays and then is reborn. Snake is kundalini energy – our own ancient inner power. Snake is the caduceus – healing energy and the knowledge perhaps locked into our DNA.

Uranus too is a symbol of awakening. Perhaps it is Uranus that will wake us up with a start in the dead of ‘night’ after we’ve looked into the red eyes of the Devil. It makes me think of the volcanoes that have roared to life in the Ring of Fire, lava like serpents uncoiling from deep beneath the earth…

At the height of the Grand Cross, there will also be a meeting between the South Node, Mercury and Juno. Looking at this makes me feel as though one part of this story will be about dealing with broken promises and releasing old contracts that no longer work. It may be literal as in political back-tracking, renegotiation and posturing or it may be activated on a karmic level for some of us individually.

However this manifests, we all have a chance to dance with change. A new rhythm is thundering through the heavens and we must change step accordingly.

In your own chart, look to the houses that the planets will be transiting (along with of course any aspects to natal planets or points).

Mars retrograde in Libra shows where you may be feeling on the defence, where you need to negotiate, compromise or agree to disagree. This area of your chart is ‘fired up’ but energy is flowing inwards.

Jupiter shows the area of life that is being expanded, where you need to broaden your understanding, where you need to gain a bigger perspective, where you need more faith.

Uranus shows where change is needed and necessary, where you feel like rebelling, where you are awakening, where you need space, where you need a more objective viewpoint.

Pluto shows what is being broken down in your life, where elimination needs to happen, where you can empower yourself, where fears need to be faced.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this cosmic pattern. Do leave a comment 🙂 If you are curious to know how this will affect your own chart, check out the readings I offer.

Painting – ‘The Temptation and Fall of Eve’ by William Blake

65 thoughts on “The Cardinal Grand Cross – April 2014”

  1. Thanks Leah.

    I am struck as well that there is a bit of inwardness in the Sabian symbols and some stasis. Seems odd given the planets involved.

    The Grand Cross really is part of the larger uranus/pluto square. I’ve felt that Jupiter is the big player. Maybe mars in retrograde in libra signifies a movement away from the outright harshness that’s been Uranus in Aries.

    Ever since the Uranus/Pluto square began, I’ve felt as if Uranus has been like a hammer. I won’t go into all the ways it affects my chart–too much to say. I am seeing What looks to me like another wave of feminism/restlessness with traditional roles and relationships. [I know if funny, but the famous person born closest to the fall 1965 Virgo Uranus/Pluto conjunction is Shania Twain… at least that I could find]. Uranus will just do what it does; its not like you can turn it down, but my instinct has been to try to get people to resist blowing things up… (and I have mars in aquarius opposed uranus, and venus in aquarius, so its not like I am a stick-in-the mud)

    In any case, this is big time change, and ultimately, Pluto, being the slowest planet in the system is what’s driving this. Pluto’s time-scale is really too big for us to understand, so it freaking scares us, but we’re not going to get away from it by imagining we can be free of it.


  2. Hi David – thanks for your comment. Interesting re. Shania Twain. I must take a look at her chart. And yes, this is part of the greater pattern with the Uranus-Pluto square and absolutely Pluto driving. Perhaps Mars can tone down Uranus for a little while. It’s going to be fascinating to see how this all unfolds.

  3. Hi Leah, and Happy New Year!

    Your article is great as always and I read it all, with my limited astrological knowledge. Although a Taurus of the 1st decade, my 1st house has the entire sign of Aries captive (as the 7th has Libra captive) so I am never sure what to read – am I an Aries or a Taurus? I read both.

    What I know is that since 2011 Saturn has opposed a lot of my natal planets, first the ones in my 1st house, then the ones in my 2nd house. Now in my 8th house, it is building an exact opposition with Mars in my 2nd house. The first exact aspect will happen at the end of January, and the last towards the end of October.

    You said you are experiencing the same oppostion and I’ve been waiting for your report, but if you are anything like me, you must be exhausted.

    What I know for sure is my Taurean patience has absolutely run out and I wish I could hibernate until the end of this year, because I am so afraid to make changes while this transit still persists, as Saturn has thwarted all my endeavors and has been doing so for so long…

    I know you were asking about the Grand Cross but the pressure from Saturn is too high to feel anything else.

  4. Hi Laura – If Aries is contained in your first house you are using a different house system to me. I use equal house.
    Yes, the Saturn opposition to Mars is one hell of a challenge! I’m just passed my first hit, awaiting the second in April. It’s a tough one, that’s for sure. At some point I will write about it. All I do know is that Saturn requires the work, as ever. To work even when everything feels so slow it feels like it has stopped. Patience, patience, patience, lol!

  5. Thanks kindly Leah, ‘times are a changing..” I have a very important week from April 22nd – April 27th – which I have to get right! Oh the pressure , stress….my ascendant is at 13 Gemini – right in the eye of the storm, I hope I can handle it and make the right choices and not give into the pressure to conform out of fear. I have to make a stand that week against strong opposition – much like everyone else I should guess, and I hope the plus-side of the Grand Cross is that we all stand up for our beliefs, no matter what, for the sake of the ‘new order’, that we are collectively giving birth to.

  6. This will be interesting. Sun is 13.41 Cancer. Direct hit. Natal in 9th. Solar return in 11th. Big life decisions I’m faced with re: soul purpose. This whole energy reminds me of the saying “you can run but you cannot hide!”
    Thanks for your writeup!

  7. Hello,
    I wanted to know, can astrology be used to change our futures or is our future set in stone?
    Can we learn and design our future or can we just learn cope with what will be will be?

  8. Hi – I believe that by understanding the chart and current planetary movements, it gives you the ability to understand yourself and manifest the best potential of the chart. The life lessons of the transits may be fixed but HOW we experience them is often up to us.

  9. April is my birthday month. April 3 1989. And i’m a Gemini ascendant with Jupiter and Mars on my ascendant. Pisces Moon. Aries Sun. How interesting this big cardinal grand cross should happen on my birthday month!. Coincidence? i think not haha.. I feel intuitively like April is going to be the best and happiest month for me. I think it’s going to be one of breakthrough instead of breakdown. Perhaps I will make a great leap forward in creating for myself a career in astrology that I passionately desire and have always dreamt of having. I’ve been working so hard in my studying and practice. I don’t know. I just know I feel so optimistic and full of life! I don’t know that I’ve ever felt that way before. It is strange. I have just discovered your website Leah, and I’m so happy I did! You are so inspiring and so good at what you do. A role model for sure for those like me aspiring to become a great astrologer 🙂 Many blessings to you. xo

  10. Hi Wendy – Oooh another April baby. Yes we have a big year coming up! How wonderful you are going for your career as an astrologer! It’s true, it IS hard and the study never ends but it’s so fascinating and so rewarding. I am sure you will be a fabulous astrologer. Blessings to you too 🙂

  11. Please send me all 12 houses effects for everyday life .
    I am Aries 1st of April my birthday . When i read everyday horoscopes never I found am lucky in my life , always problem since i was born.
    Please tell me when my lucky day coming in the future.
    And my lucky number also.
    many thanks

  12. I believe this all shows that Mother Nature is REALLY mad, God (however one defines that) is absolutely realigning the heavens and has some pretty big plans on how to clear the ‘sins of our forefathers’. This Spring will be one no one will forget.

  13. I also believe big changes are afoot. Mankind will have to rethink re our attitude to life. I believe the changes are going to be far reaching and will be life changing.

  14. Great article–informative and also endowed with valuable perspective and interpretation! When I first heard about this grand square on the radio (I am not an astrologer but rather an occasional client), the astrologer said it would fall on America’s sun IIRC. With all the Mars influence in the grand square, what does this suggest? That America will be at risk of making catastrophic blunders goaded the military/industrial complex and reflexive fear responses by the American people?


  15. Hi Leah,
    I have Mars in the 4th house. I am having big problems recently with my brother (Scorpio@13 degrees, Aries rise@16), my Dad (Pisces) and my “home” growing up. I have had to defend myself, feel like I’m being attacked, have had to agree to disagree and am doing a lot of introspection and reflection about my relationship with them. It’s an issue that’s been slowly building since last fall.

    Also, I was born April 21st, 1975 at 8:30 pm in Michigan. I am a Taurus with a Scorpio rise at 12 degrees. (SO I’m dealing with a double duty from Saturn hitting my rising and opposing my sun). My marriage, family, relationships and home are the main hot spots right now. As an added bonus my husbands birthday is April 24th, 1975, born 7:22 am in Michigan. Yikes?

    I feel like a culmination is coming and I can’t wait to make it through Mars retro and the aftermath. I am worried/wondering how this solar return/Grand Cross will affect me (any more than it already has?). My siblings and my parents all have several planets hovering around the 13 degree mark. My brother (Scorpio@13, Aries rise @ 16 degrees) is getting married May 10th and a lot of turmoil surrounds that. I have decided not to attend the wedding due to the problems.

    I feel like I need a vacation from angry Mars…

  16. Hi Tracey – Sorry to hear you have been experiencing family problems. Yes I do think the energy will peak in April and then slowly tail off. Hopefully by the time this is over, your family issues will have been resolved and the tensions released.

  17. Hi,
    I found your website by using google to search for Mars, April 2014. Interesting article. Initially I was not going to leave a response until I saw Jakes post on Putin’s Sun.
    My interest was piqued because of what is happening in Ukraine is why I started looking for Mars 2014 in the first place.
    No coincidences in life IMHO. I feel that Putins Sun and this Grand Cross is very worthy of further research.

  18. Robin Victoria de Grass

    this is my first time to your web site I loved it! I got lead to you on the internet looking for information on the April Grand Cross. My birthday is April 23rd 1964. On the birth certificate America does Daylight Savings Time, so it says exactly 1 a.m. But in reality, in the stars, it was the stroke of midnight. I saw that you offer readings. having this fall right on my birthday, will this affect me more than others? Would it be beneficial for me to have a reading? thank you so much have a wonderful 2014 !!!

  19. Hi Robin – Thank you :-)Glad you enjoyed the post. In a sense the cardinal grand cross will perhaps have a stronger influence over those of us who have birthdays during this time because it will kind of ‘fix’ the pattern in our solar return charts (a chart cast on the birthday).

    But the important thing is not to worry about it as it will depend on what is happening in your life and also how the cross affects you personally. I would say the best time have a reading is when you really feel as though you need one. If for example, things in your life have been stressful or confusing or just lots of changes going on, then yes it can be beneficial to have a reading. It is also useful when you just want to explore your life in a different way and understand what is happening or to use the cosmic energies available to make changes in your life. Whenever you decide to have a reading, that’ll be the right time 🙂

  20. Hi Leah: I am “blessed” with having the cardinal grand cross hitting all
    four of my natal angles within 1 degree. Asc 12 Libra 23, IC 14 Cap 23,
    Des 12 Aries 23 and MC 14 Can 23. My first instinct was to hide under the bed – now, not so much. Perhaps a golden shield of armor? The fall-out has already begun in my 7th house with rattling erupting in my 10th. It feels deep and it hurts. Looking forward to the transformation.

  21. May Ghorayeb Kalaoui

    Hello Leah, I like your Reading about the Cardinal Grand Cross , and the title is perfectly fitting to the event but I am really scared ,because I am cancer with libra ascendant ,having a law suit in its final stage dated the 10th of April,I am not instigating the legal action but it is set to be in this date,Really scaring , what do you think. May God brings mercy,

    Thank you Leah for the reading,as I am not an expert in Astrology .


  22. Hi May. I’m sorry to hear that, it must be very stressful. Jupiter is a protective force so stay focused on a positive outcome. Whatever happens, Jupiter tends to look after you whilst it is in your sign.

  23. Hi Renee, gosh that sounds intense with all your angles but I certainly like your idea of golden armour. I hope the pain passes soon and the transformation takes things to a better place.

  24. Wow Leah,
    Hi Leah

    I am new to your website & I am so glad I found you! Everything you write resonates on a deep level for me so I just want to say Thank you.

    I love your astrological interpretation of this grand cross. I just looked at my chart & OMG my Asc/Dsc is 13Deg25 Cancer/Capricorn!! So that’s the Jupiter on my ASC, Pluto on my Dsc. But my IC/MC points are different as I use Placidus so that puts in Mars in 3rd & Uranus in 9th house.

    I have to say I’m very excited about this. For me personally January marked the return to astrology & the healing arts for me after 6 years of having kids/ domestic duties. I am very rusty but I am re-introducing it back into my life (expanding myself – Jup on ASC). My girlfriend has newly opened up herself to being a psychic professionally, & we are in the concept stages of planning to open a healing centre next year (transforming partnership! – Pluto on DSC). In our business we plan to hold workshops (Mars in 3rd teaching) about a lot of metaphysical subjects (higher learning, enpowering people with new ideas – Uranus in 9th)!! Wow!

  25. Hi Lara – thanks for your kind comment. I’m glad to hear the site has helped you. And wow, it sounds like you are thoroughly in tune with these powerful transits! What an exciting time for you both! Love your idea of the healing centre. Do let me know how things go 🙂

  26. I have read your Post on the April Cardinal Grand Cross several times since January because Jan. 3rd was my birthday. I am a 12+ degree Capricorn with Mars & Pluto both at 12+ degrees. I grew up many years ago in a house hold with an Aries father, & Libra mother & sister. An old high school flame from that era was a Cancer. He hopelessly still surfaces from time to time after 50 years even though I long ago married, divorced & raised a family with some one else. It somehow feels like my childhood was a dress rehearsal now shrouded in the mist for these upcoming events. Having had my solar return twice you would think there would be enough tools in the tool box to handle this event. But I think I will hide under the bed for the whole thing & see if I have sprouted wings when I resurface! As I understand it the Cardinal Grand Cross falls in the USA chart in the same configuration it did in 1776 during our strike for Independence. It is interesting to note that I returned several years ago to live in the exact same spot where the ancestor I am a direct descendant of came in 1768 as an indentured Italian to colonize Florida. In 1776 he fought in this exact same spot for his & his families release from indenture & abhor able conditions along with the remaining 600 colonist where 900 of their fellow men, women & children colonist had perished from illness & starvation. It just makes one pause to consider just what sort of Karma is in store for us all in April. Linda

  27. Ok, so my partner and I rented a home in Nov; this is where we started to fight; Dec we had the holidays with snow and ice storms; Jan he breaks up but we continue to live together for three more weeks; Feb he moves all his stuff out; March he has moved out of his sister’s and I am guessing he is living with new girlfriend, whom he was talking to when he broke up; I am a Libra woman he is an Aquarius man he won’t take his name off lease of home renting and quite frankly I am just a little terrified of what is going to come next month with all this; I keep moving forward but getting “hit” each month with something with him is getting exhausting and well again, I wish I could predict next month so I could be prepared.. Tired of surprises and the unexpected!!!!!

  28. Hi Leah,
    I came across your article accidentally. My B’day was on April 18,1987. I’m literally going through hell right now. My girl friend is a libran. She broke up with me in January. Now I’m feeling very insecure I don’t know whether she’s gonna come back or not. 3 years back she cheated on me and we were almost broke up. But she begged me back for months. After that things has never been the same. I was a little hard on her after that not because I don’t love her. I was really afraid that she’s gonna do the same thing again. If things are like this now I can’t imagine what’s gonna happen in April.

  29. Hi Leah,
    I came across your page and have been reading alot lately about this Cardinal Grand Cross, and now understand the crazy, unpredictable time I have been having of late. Just since January 1 this year, my life has been turned upside down unexpectedly…at first I thought for the better, then a sudden change a week or so sadly the other way – relationship wise.

    My birthdate is April 20th, and am a Taurus by 6 hours. My rising sign is 13 degrees Libra, Mars, Uranus and Pluto are 8, 11 and 13 degrees respectively in Virgo (12th house), and Jupiter lies in the 29th degree of Taurus (8th house). Needless to say I am experiencing tremendous internal changes from all angles. The only way I’ve been best able to handle what’s goiing on is to not fight the transition, and embrace it with compassion, love and understanding.

    Anything else you can offer in this unprecedented time would be appreciated!

  30. I am thinking hard about the upcoming grant cross as it will precisely straddle a t-square in my natal chart. I have the moon at 4 Aries, Mars at 13 Cancer and Neptune at 13 Libra. Of course, right now Pluto is forming the cross in my personal chart at 13 Capricorn. Jupiter will be joining my natal Mars and Mars will be sitting on my natal Neptune while Uranus at 13 Aries will complete the picture. This will occur for me in the second, fourth, eighth and tenth houses. I’m thinking that something catastrophic could occur in the realm of work? Career? At the same time, perhaps more positive energy can be brought to bear relating to a family inheritance? And, I might find the energy to make some transformations in my home? It needs it! Not sure what to expect other than intensity!

  31. Hi Maureen – Whilst it’s intense, it doesn’t have to be catastrophic 🙂 It depends on what else is happening in your chart, the areas that the natal planets rule, the natal chart promise itself and how you would like to use the energy available to you. If you would like to explore it further, I do offer readings Otherwise, do stay in touch and let us know how things turn out. Blessings

  32. OK so I have a Moon/Uranus conjunction in Cancer which is square to a Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Libra. Additionalyy my Venus is in Capricorn forming a T-square. The Harbinger an 4 Blood Moons focus on the number 7 being an important symbol. Malaysia Flight 370 I is/was a 777. This is a significant symbol as we head into the Grand Cross. However do not expect to hear much new information as we head through the Cross. This is only a setup. Mars is in Libra, remember. But think of what sign Mars moves to next, as the others stay constant. While pondering that, also think about the significance of the number 12.


  33. Thank you for helping me to understand the symbology at a greater depth. I feel you are spot on sister! Namaste

  34. My sun sign is Virgo with natal Saturn 13* Libra. Unsure of what impact, if any, to expect during the Cardinal Grand Cross?

  35. Do you think there could be a world war forming!

    What are some keywords of things to be looking forward,
    chaos, change, unpredictability, instability?

    I am born 7/6/92 and well curious on how this will affect the cardinal signs!
    Much love to YOU thank you for being so informative

  36. My dob is 28th April 1991 sun-taurus. Moon-libra. Ascendant-cancer…will this grand cross make a big impact on me?

  37. I’m Libra my husband is Cancer (recently retired )considering relocating from northeast to Florida to be near step daughter and her family but my mother 93 (Pisces) currently resides in nursing home near my northeast home and moving her is not an option. Cosmic cardinal grand cross certainly seems to be prominent in our lives at the moment.

  38. hi, i have my jupiter in 13 degrees in Aries, what area should i be careful during the grand cross in april 2014?

  39. All I can say is WOW. I am SO glad I came across your page. I feel that there may be some hope of me making it through to the other side of all this “STUFF” that’s been “my life” for the past year. I am a Cancer, born 7/20/67 at 8:42 a.m. in NY. I am also a registered nurse who has been aggressively fighting the closure of the local community hospital where I work. I am being laid off on April 12, 2014 even if the hospital is “saved” in a smaller/transformation. My lease is up for renewal & I live across the street from the hospital, in a very expensive (unaffordable on unemployment) apartment. In July 2013 I dumped a guy who was in and out of my life for 10 years! He’s been sniffing around again lately but I think I’ve grown a pair now and he is too selfish for me. I’m now too old to have kids and fear I’ll always be alone. My life is completely “up in the air” and turned upside down! I don’t know what to do next. What the priority is? I understand my sign is the “most effected” by this cross and a cardinal, water sign-trine? I need to find a way to use this chaotic, stressful, scary time to transform my life into something new. I have been miserable, alone and unhappy all year. Perhaps for many years. Just afraid of making the wrong choices again, like those that led me to this unhappy place and don’t want to repeat the past. Should I be particularly concerned? I’m also a little worried about a trip to Cozumel Mexico Im taking alone to clear my head on 4/17-22nd. Is it safe? Would appreciate some guidance. Thanks, Susan

  40. 23 april 2014 I will have the celestian configuration Uran opp.Mars and Jupiter opp. Pluton exactly on my natal AC-DC and MC-IC;Pluton on MC and Mars on DC.
    What did you think of it, does I have to fear? 😉

  41. Hello Leah,
    I am scheduled to give birth on April 22! What effect with this cardinal grand cross have on my child’s chart/future? Is it a bad start?

  42. Hi Leah, great article! Just wondering, my birthday is May 5 so would the Cardinal Grand Cross effect my solar return chart for the next year? Thank you!

  43. Hi Michelle
    Thanks for your comment. Yes, the Cardinal Grand Cross will still be active around that time so will be contained in your solar return chart.

  44. Hi Ruby
    Congratulations on your upcoming happy occasion. Gosh no, I would never say a child has a ‘bad start’ because of the stars. A Grand Cross in the natal chart tends to indicate someone very driven and resourceful as well as challenges.

  45. I am sun capricorn 1 degree moon in aries 5 degrees and mercury capricorn 19 and venus in capricorn 13!! what should i expect from this grand cross? my venus will be conjunct pluto exactly during this time.. also my pluto is in libra 29 degrees

  46. Hello! Thank you for this posting. I find your explanation is easy to understand, yay! Personally, the grand cardinal cross signifies to me, a Gemini, that I must be true to myself as an artist, a spiritual practitioner, a writer….and an activist. No more working at jobs beneath my talents, gifts, abilities, training and education just for money! No more just surviving, its time to start living. This is an opportunity for me to step in and step up into my POWER!

  47. Hi Leah. We are all being gifted today with such insight and awareness that it will leave some of us speechless and overcome. It’s certainly not about death, rather a resurrection of sorts to take over the odd bits and pieces. Coincidently, the grand cardinal square impacts me directly – with Uranus in the first, then Saturn, Mercury & finally Jupiter in the 10th – so it does feel like a wish come true. Much Love Jenny.

  48. Hi Jenny – Yes, resurrection is a good word for this. I think of the Judgement card in the tarot with this powerful planetary configuration. It’s like being called to step up in many ways. Blessings to you.

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