Transits – Saturn conjunct Ascendant

lizzatori - Saturn conjunct AscThe Ascendant is the lens through which you view life so when Saturn arrives here, it’s like he’s brought up close and personal for your viewing! As one of the major angles of the chart, any planetary movements here tend to be experienced in a very immediate and personal way.

This transit marks the beginning of a new cycle and can be one of the most important periods of your life as you begin to examine what Saturn has taught you so far. As the planet of duty, responsibility, obligation and self-mastery you are moving into a period of maturation. Saturn crossing the Ascendant starts a 7 year period of inner reflection where you begin to build up your strength and endurance for things to come. Once Saturn reaches the cusp of the 4th house, what you learn during this period can start to be made manifest in the outside world.

Saturn on the Ascendant can feel heavy. You may feel weighed down by problems. Maybe your boss has dumped a load of extra responsibilities on your shoulders or perhaps issues with your partner arise where you feel like you are having to put in a lot more effort. Occasionally Saturn can remove relationships that are more trouble than they are worth. Saturn will show you where your time is best spent.

In the birth chart, Saturn indicates where you feel insecure; where you doubt yourself and the nature of your fears. As Saturn is now staring right into your eyes, there’s no denying your fears and inhibitions. Like everything else, these too must be examined and faced head on. Saturn knows that in order to do what you need to do, it’s necessary to shed self-imposed limitations. Saturn will show you where your limits are. Often there can be a feeling of ‘I’m not ready for this‘ and that’s exactly the point. Saturn shouts “coming ready or not” except it isn’t a game any more. It’s real. Saturn says “I know you’re not ready. I’m here to help“. Let him.

You may feel more aware of how you appear to others. You may become more critical of how you look, how you dress. You want people to take you seriously. Sometimes, if weight has been a issue, Saturn crossing the Ascendant can trigger the desire to lose weight, get fit and strengthen oneself to the core. The caution is not to be too hard on yourself. Whilst Saturn demands self-discipline in all respects, using his influence to beat yourself over the head with a big stick won’t get the job done. It’s about becoming aware of the negative voice in your head, the ‘shoulds’ and the ‘coulds’ and doing something positive about them. ‘Must try harder’ may be an incessant background track. Saturn is the teacher that knows you can do better when you hand in your scruffy homework. You don’t need to be afraid of Saturn here. It’s about acknowledging where you can do better – and doing it.

Unfinished business can also be a theme of this transit. Instead of starting something new, Saturn requests that you finish what you already begun. Tie up lose ends or let it go for good. Look at what has been neglected and needs attention. It’s the perfect time to take a look at what you have achieved so far and what you would still like to achieve. The difficulty may be that you think you can’t do it. Saturn will show you that you can – but patience and perseverance are required.

A conservative approach now is what works best. It’s about taking your time, following the rules and sometimes taking advice from elders or authority figures. To build the authority in yourself, there is a need to be open to learning from others. Common sense prevails.

You may feel more restricted now. Your world view may feel smaller. You may even find yourself grumbling about the state of the world! There is less freedom of movement than before because Saturn is trying to show you what needs to be done. In some case, the restriction of movement can become literal with health problems. This is more likely if other transits and natal patterns indicate it. Generally though, you may experience a lowered sense of vitality, a depression of energy or even just depression. The trick is to face any problems promptly and not allow yourself to wallow. Saturn requires that you do the work whether you feel like it or not. That said, ‘doing the work’ may simply be about learning to treat your body better and giving it the respect it deserves.

Some may feel more alone at this time. There can be a tendency to cut off with Saturn conjunct the Ascendant. This may be necessary due to life commitments but sometimes it can be simply be because you’re not feeling in a sociable mood. It may be that you need to learn to enjoy your own company. Take care however that you don’t build a wall between yourself and others. Whilst isolation can help you learn to stand on your own two feet, self-imposed isolation because you feel down, out and fed-up will only make matters worse. Make a little time for the people who are important to you.

Saturn conjunct the Ascendant can be summed up in the phrase ‘get it together’. It may feel like an uphill climb but the view from the top will be worth it. Saturn conjunct the Ascendant is about taking the first step. For clues as to how this transit may manifest, look to the position of your natal Saturn and the house ruled by Capricorn as these area of the chart will normally be triggered by this transit. Planetary helpers are indicated by any planets trine or sextile to natal Saturn. Using these aspect may help to channel some of the weight of Saturn and provide light at the end of the tunnel.

Painting ‘Lizzatori’ by John Singer Sargent


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  1. When Saturn conjuncted my Ascendant, I left home to study abroad. It was a difficult move. I applied for a scholarship to get the necessary funding and for reasons I still can’t fathom, it was an uphill struggle admin-wise. I had to fight every step of the way with malicious bureaucrats to get my application accepted and had to call the admin people personally every single day for information, as they seemed dead-bent on being unhelpful. It was incredible. Once I was in though, actual decision-makers were quite helpful and I got my scholarship. I guess Saturn got stern fingers waived at him from Pluto conjunct Jupiter in my 8th house. By the time the school year started Jupiter was comfortable in my 9th house and tensions eased. The systematic, bulldog-like, trust-no-one-check-everything attitude I needed to get through those times has served me well ever since.

  2. Hi Artemis/Laura πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your experience. Gosh you certainly had a trial there with bureaucracy! I admire your sheer determination and I’m glad that Saturn left something so valuable behind for you after his visit.

  3. Yeah … not sure why I used that nick! But I love that goddess πŸ˜€
    Saturn left a valuable gift but he also took something – a bit of my “joie de vivre”, of the happy-go-lucky attitude. I am a lot more serious now, anticipating obstacles where none materialize. It is more realistic, less fun, even when it’s unwarranted. I hate that!
    The more we advance towards Saturn turning direct again I feel a mix of fear and anticipation in my stomach because Saturn will for the third time oppose my natal Mars before leaving that area of Scorpio for good. And I can’t help wondering – what was the REAL lesson? Have I learned it? Next time this happens I’ll be a lot older, a lot less flexible – what if I haven’t learned my lesson? And if I have – what was it for and when will it come in useful again? Because that won’t be fun! Will there ever be fun again? Life is supposed to be balanced.

  4. Sarurn is crossing my Asc right now, I’m struggling with my health & fears regarding my health. Im a scorpio rising & this whole saturn in scorpio has been heavy on me. Been so fearful & developed Generalized Anxiety, is that part of Saturn in Scorpio? Also will all the calms down once Saturn moves across the Asc into the first house?


  5. Hi Lisa – I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing health problems. Saturn entering into the first house can sometimes manifest like this. It tends to be ‘heaviest’ when crossing the Ascendant. Once it has moved about 3 degrees on from there, the influence starts to ebb. But Saturn here can also help you to face the roots of your fears and anxieties. Don’t forget he is strength and mastery. Seeking the help of someone older and wiser (like a counsellor or therapist) may help to guide you through this if you haven’t got someone already supporting you.

  6. Hi Leah,

    Thanks for your reply. Can Saturn in Scorpio traveling through 12th house cause health problems and feeling completely stuck in all areas of life? My Zodiac sign is Scorpio. Doctors cant find anything wrong but I’m having many different mysterious symptoms.


  7. Hi Lisa – Yes Saturn is stirring your unconscious mind when in the 12th. If doctors have definitely ruled about physical problems, symptoms may stem from psychological issues. Feeling stuck is a common Saturn feeling. It would also depend on what else is going on in your chart and the natal potential. If you would like to look at this further, I do offer readings here

  8. Hi Leah,

    Thanks for your reply. I’m just hoping it all settles down when in the 1st house but heard that the 1st house relates to health so I’m scared if it’ll get worse, not sure I can handle another 2 years. Since this whole Saturn thing my Finances have been really low, had to leave my job. not sure if you offer a one question reading?


  9. Hi,

    I dont have a health specific question just generally could what im going through be planetary & if so what is it that Im not learning?

    I will check out your services & hope to get a reading soon. I’ve been to many people seeking answers but never to an western astrologer.

    I did get Vedic astrology but they dont tell the solutions they kinda said I’ll be full of anxiety or mental distress till 2017. Never told me what could the moon be wanting me to learn or release etc.

  10. Hi Lisa
    I understand. And yes, sometimes planetary action can trigger things on a very deep level. But for every negative manifestation there are also positive ways of working with those energies too.

  11. It’s downright chilling how accurate you are. I have Saturn in 1st house (Sag Asc). As you can imagine, life from the get go threw everything but the kitchen sink at me, but I’m still standing 26 years later. I both fear and welcome my Saturn Return, really anxious waiting for it.

  12. Hi Devon, thanks for reading. Glad to hear you are still standing! Whilst Saturn may throw some further tests at the return, your natural endurance should help you to see the rewards of those tests. No need to fear. You have strength on your side.

  13. I was looking back at the last years to figure out why life was so hard for me when Saturn was on my ascendant (Virgo). I also have natal Saturn in Virgo (so, Saturn conjunct my ascendent), which I think intensified how tough this was for me and makes me grateful to realize this may well have been one of the toughest transits of my life! I was physically very ill and couldn’t find the cause (later found black mold in my house, much healthier now), was emotionally abused in my marriage, just no strength and like there were barriers at every turn. I feel like I cried two years straight! Once Saturn moved to Libra, things were tough but I had more strength: ended my marriage, stood up for myself, scratched and kicked my way back to self-sufficiency. I’m so glad that’s over!

  14. Saturn 6 deg 45 min in my natal ascendant 7 deg 16 min Scorpio has constricted life since September 2012. Slogging without rewards was expected. But now at its last phase looks all is in vain except for some creations which have not yielded any rewards. No light even accepting the darkness.

  15. I had been ignoring a shortness of breath for over a year when climbing stairs, ladders, or doing heavy physical work. Then I had to move or face an eviction, put my cat down, and find a new place to live. I found a new place, moved, and then had a heart attack. I drove myself to the hospital and a stent was installed in my heart valve. I then suffered a serious bout with pneumonia and almost died but, obviously lived. The conjunction to my ascendant was exact to the degree and minute of arc including precession correction and also exact in declination. I was taught a very big lesson and my belief in Astrology greatly strengthened.

  16. I was born with Saturn right into my ascendant degree.
    7 years later my parents finally divorce, 7 years later i lost my virginity hahahaahhaha 7 year cycle yay

  17. Saturn is flirting with my ascendant right now. It will likely make its residence in my first house during the fall. To intensify the situation, Saturn is also in my 1st house of my natal chart so my Saturn return is eminent. There will be only sextiles during its journey through first. So i look forward to see what this will bring.

  18. Saturn is on my Ascendent. This is my second Saturn return. I am overwhelmed with feelings of sadness, and letting go, and feeling old and spent. This is completely different from my past year. And I’m a Sag, so this is not customary.

    I pine so much to travel again, like I once did. I was traveling around the world steadily for a decade. But that stopped some years ago. Now I rarely get to travel at all. And it just weighs on me. Is it all over? It’s peculiar that I should feel this way. Never had it like this before. And in those years of travel, I’d lost the zing of enjoying it, because my travel partner’s feedback was so very critical of all the work I did to enable us to fill our sails and just go go go and land in so many outstanding places with limited dollars, no expense for tours and guides. Now I just hurt to be abroad again. Sometimes I want new places. Sometimes I just want to go back where my heart was touched the most. But something inside me says I will never be there again. I will never feel that way again. Just let it go. What good do I make of this, pining for losses that can never be? What’s the point of this experience?

  19. Hi Sarah, I’m sorry to hear you are feeling so sad. Saturn can bring up many thoughts of the past sometimes as we reflect on who we were compared to who we are now. It will depend on your natal chart and other transits (some of what you expressed sounds quite Neptunian), but perhaps there is something here about putting you in touch with what you desire for yourself for the future. Saturn focuses on what is realistically possible so maybe there is some kind of compromise rather than all or nothing.

  20. I have Jupiter in Sag at 14 degrees on the Ascendant. Sun in Cap in the 1st house.
    I am waiting for Saturn to hit Jupiter and the Asc. next year and am not looking forward to any more hardships. What do you think of the possibilities?

  21. Hi Fran, Saturn conjunct Jupiter can feel restrictive OR it can be seen as a way to focus your attention on the most effective ways to expand your life. Saturn will cut off avenues of growth that could perhaps lead to energies being dissipated. Think of it like growing tomatoes where it’s best to pinch out certain shoots in order to get the plant to fruit. It stops growth being unwieldy. How it may manifest will be dependent on your chart as whole and what you are hoping to do in your life. If you would like to explore this further, I offer readings here

  22. i am scorpio with sagittarius rising. i dnt understand whats happening in my life. unemployed loads of tensions………

  23. Hi Stephie, I’m sorry to hear things are difficult right now. Depending on where your ASC is, hopefully you can take advantage of some of the feel good vibes from Jupiter trine Uranus. It’s possible that you have some heavier weight transits going on right now that are manifesting more strongly such as Saturn for example. If you would like to explore this further, I offer readings here Either way, I hope things level out for you soon. Blessings

  24. Saturn conjunction Ascendant in transit: My mother died. Even though I had a brother, I was left to take care of many details alone. My brother didn’t even ask what happened. Instead he attacked the probate lawyer, calling him incompetent and illegal. My husband also attacked me saying he needed money for a renovation which he had initiated without any consultation with me. In retrospect it made me realize in the hard way I was alone in this world.

  25. Thanks. The interpretation was indeed insightful. I have been feeling exactly similar as you have mentioned. I have saturn conjunct ascendant and moon in virgo and feel so heavy especially in head as β€˜non working’ and jammed. It seems i worry a lot but find am not finding solution for myself;especially in love life. I have had first saturn transit as well. I enjoy my own company but this is so wrongly interpreted by the society.This, however, bothers me less now as i can’t help. Can you suggest some measure to feel better and have my head β€˜working’? Feel tired, lost and depressed?
    Many thanks in anticipation and for the platform.

  26. Saturn is currently moving back and forth over my ascendant. In truth, I was really fearing this transit. I have Saturn in the 1st house and saw this transit as a preview of the horrors to come from my Saturn returns.

    I can’t comment on the Saturn returns (yet) but as of late, my Saturn conjunct Ascendant transit is probably one of the most positive times of my life. Sounds strange but I really truly feel compelled to “get my s**t together” and have the discipline now to act on it.

    I have to say, I do believe that this transit requires that you’ve done the proper work prior to reap the rewards. But if you see negative patterns in your life and you eliminate or improve upon them before or during this transit, Saturn conjunct Ascendant really is powerful.

    To give you an idea of what events were leading up to this transit:

    For six months, I was working 12 – 15 hour days in my advertising job for a workaholic boss and an abusive manager on a frustrating, nightmare account. My boss refused to give me a raise. I didn’t have a social life. My one true friend who I could see in the evenings was battling an addiction. I was in an abusive relationship for 2 years with an alcoholic deadbeat whom I supported financially. I had a mental breakdown shortly after we broke up, ended up on much needed daily anti-anxiety medication and took a less stressful position at my company.

    Sounds like hell, right? Well, yes.

    But afterwards, is where it gets good.

    Shortly after my breakdown, Saturn moved out of my 12th house and atop my ascendant.

    At that point:

    I broke up with my boyfriend. We later became good friends and started having a healthy relationship with proper boundaries.
    I got a huge raise at my job and started working on an account with a new boss that I ended up loving.
    My hours at my job decreased back to 40 a week so I could have a normal, balanced social life.
    I reconnected with my old friends.
    I chose to prune the negative toxic friends from my life. The drama in my life disappeared.
    I started combatting my loneliness with hobbies I used to enjoy.
    I decided to start an exercise plan, got in great shape and developed a disciplined diet and routine.
    I started seeing a therapist weekly.
    I took my medication daily.
    My mental health significantly improved.

    I could go on. But the truth of the matter is, this transit is not to be feared. Yes, bad things happen sometimes. Yes, on occasion I feel a bit lonely. But this is the first time in my life I can honestly say that I’m happy being with myself, working on myself.

    If you embrace Saturn (and this particular transit) you can actively find happiness and balance in your life.

    Many thanks for this blog! Blessings xoxo

  27. Hi Kendall – Wow, thank you so much for sharing your experience of this transit and highlighting the benefits! It’s fantastic that you’ve experienced such a positive shift by using the best of Saturn – and yourself πŸ˜€

  28. Sriram Guptaa

    My Ascendant is Scorpio and Saturn is placed there. Presently Saturn is in Scorpio and passing over my natal Saturn second time. I am still waiting for the positive impact of this transit.
    Morever Jupiter is placed in my tenth house in Leo moonsign. Jupiter will also be transiting through Leo in July 2015.
    I shall be thankful if you can throw some light on the transit of Saturn over natal saturn in 1st house and Jupiter over natal Jupiter in 10th house.

  29. Sriram Guptaa

    Thanks a lot for taking care of my comment. Born on 18.06.1957 Dehra Dun India 6.40 PM With Saturn in Scorpio in the Ascendant Moon in Aquarius in the 4th house Ketu in Aries in 6th house Mercury in Tauras in 7th house, Sun and Venus in Gemini in 8th house Mars in Cancer in 9th house Jupiter in Leo in 10th house and Rahu in Libra in the 11th house. Will you throw some light specifically on the transit on Saturn and Jupiter over natals. I shall be highly grateful and thankful to you for a line of reply.

  30. I have my natal Sun at 15 degrees Gemini, a Sag ascendant at 13 degrees, and Saturn in Scorpio at 28 degrees – am currently going through my second Saturn return. Will also go through my Jupiter return in July.

    A transit chart shows that I will have Saturn conjunct my ascendant several times next year.

    Have to say that I can absolutely relate to the above post by Sarah. I’ve always loved traveling and spent many wonderful summers abroad. I haven’t been out of the country in eight years now and I’m pining to go, go, go but for various reasons can’t seem to do it. Overall, just feel like I’m stalled and stagnating.

    Hope my Saturn conjunct ascendant experience is like Kendall’s, but we’ll see. I think it is all about preparing for it

    Thanks for the interesting article and for the comments,

  31. Thanks for your comment Michael. Yes, Saturn can certainly makes things feel very much like constantly having the brakes on! I agree, it is a time of preparation. I hope you are able to take up your travels again when Saturn has moved along.

  32. Hi !
    I’m an astrologer, practising since almost 25 years n still Saturn over the ascendant was the most God awful transit since I don’t know when !!!
    My mama died when Saturn was just a couple degrees away from my ascendant , it was an expected death n I was the one caring for her the last weeks since we all wanted her to make her transition at home. So as you see. Saturn in my 12th house really brought things to a definite end…..
    Just 3 months after this my husband at the time announced that he wanted more out of life , moved out n then moved back in again ; by this time I knew we would go our separate ways n sure enough , the day Saturn came to a perfect conjunction to my 4 degree scorpio ascendant we finally separated ; 2 weeks later I filed for divorce n on that day the transiting north node was conjunct my natal south node.
    I really felt that my life was over ; I , who never is sick !! got very severe pneumonia n was admitted in the hospital where the doctors tried 4 different antibiotics before hitting the right kind – it took me 6 months to make a full recovery.
    The year n a half Saturn took his time transiting my first house n ascendant was probably the biggest lesson in disguise ; I reconnected to my own creativity , wrote a pitch for a TV-show about astrology , got an interwiev n I’m currently negotiating with Sweden’s biggest network !! Not bad for a single mama with three kids ! And oh , I also met the move of my life (s) ; we have had many lives together n it’s still complicated but I trust in the universe’s plan for us.
    My Mama always tomd me ; ” Marie , you’ll have to learn patience ….” N boy , must I ever with this man , my life, kids n work but it’s good !!
    I feel sooo much more real now ( yeah , I know another gift from Saturn ) n I’ ve decided to take life more like a challenge to met my soul grow. This guy I told you about told me : ” you are the most fearless person I’ve ever met ” . I guess that can be pretty intimidating to a slow taurus ……. Scorpio rising can be pretty fierce n forceful at times ….
    Saturn is a GREAT teacher even if his answer is frequently no ….
    Accept it , mature n move on !!!

  33. Wow Marie – Thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom from this transit. Gosh Saturn really took you on a journey didn’t he but I’m so glad to hear how things have turned around for you. How fantastic about your astrology show too! Good luck with that!

  34. I have a Scorpio ascendant. A month and a half after Saturn entered my first house, my adopted dad died unexpectedly. I had been living in a foreign country four five years. It brought me back to the states for a short period of time and now i am back for several months to spend time with my mom. This is a very unusual move for me because I love where I live and what I do. During this time my meditation practice has improved and I am as a whole more disciplined in all my responsibilities. However, i have had a lot of difficulty with friends and have stepped away from some unhealthy relationships.My health wasn’t good or had been declining for some time because of nutritional deficiencies, which were only diagnosed a few months ago. Now my health is improving. My deficiencies had affected the health of my head and heart, nothing serious, but they were persistent problems for the last few years and i could find neither the cause nor a permanent solution. I had also recently gained a little weight and now i am exercising and improving my diet in general, both of which declined over the last five years. I have to say that It has been an extremely intense and painful time that has brought forth many wonderful inner changes and powerful insights about my character, both of which i am still digesting. I also have literally felt pushed in a direction that i had previously resisted.Surprisingly, now that i have been basically forced to face what i had been avoiding, things are actually going better than i could have ever imagined! And surprisingly I have been able to adapt to a change that would have previously shattered my world.Actually, now that i think about it, my world and life as i knew it, has been shattered. I do have to say that i am a little nervous about what more change may come during these next couple of years, especially since Saturn made a very dramatic entrance when it crossed into my first house! I am hoping that the most powerful, earthshaking shifts have already taken place- because it was hard! Thank you for your article. There were many things you said that were completely correct. It was very helpful, as were the comments that followed:)

  35. I have scorpio ascendent and right now Saturn is about to be right on top of my ascendant.
    The last 2-3 years of my life with Saturn in my 12th house have been horrific. I had to moved away from my family and friends for what it looked like an amazing graduate school opportunity. In the new place I was alone and couldn’t make any friends. It was just loneliness. On top of that I had to move a few times because I had horrible roommates. Sometimes moving did not work out well and I found myself living out of a bag. I also developed hypothyroidism which the doctors cannot fully explain. I feel tired and sad all the time.

    Surprisingly, I met an amazing guy during this transit and I fell crazy in love! I thought he was the one for me. We survived my first Saturn conjunct ascendant and I thought that meant we would survive this hard time for me together.

    However, once Saturn went retrograde and it entered the 12th house again (June 15) and is practically on top of my ASC he left me.
    I had a break down and I cannot imagine why he has to go away. Is it because it is the 12th house and this transit is about endings and not new beginnings? I thought that if we started something while Saturn was in the 12th house was because we deserved it and had worked hard for it.

    Anyway, I do not understand why this is happening! I feel lost and alone! I can’t look towards the future even though Saturn will officially cross for the last time my ASC in Aug 22. Which is relatively soon but I just don’t see how things could get better.

    I hope soon I can see what Saturn is trying to teach me and give me inner peace. I want to simply let go and accept the changes. But I cannot let go just yet and have terrible anxiety that doesn’t let me sleep. I feel like I am scare all the time.

  36. Hi Laura – Thanks for sharing your experience of this transit. I’m sorry to hear it’s been so difficult for you. You said, you cant look to the future and you are feeling great anxiety – anxiety is fear of the future. Saturn is very much a planet of the present – it asks you to be in the here and now. The 12th house is old stuff – it stirs up things to be dealt with that have been pushed away so that in the future you will be strong from the inside out. For the time being, focus on one day at a time to release anxiety about what’s going to happen next. If you’d like to explore this further, I offer readings here

  37. If I’m not wrong, On 12th September I will have this aspect that I am really excited!!
    30th of June, 1996
    What are your advices for me?
    thanks in advance :))

  38. Sounds like I’m not the only Scorpio Rising experiencing difficulties here…

    Last year was the most horrible in my life in every possible way. But on the day that Saturn moved to Sagittarius in December I met this incredible person who I dated until the day Saturn started its retrograde in March and he moved abroad. Amazing synchronity!

    Now it’s been a gloomy summer Saturn sitting within a degree from my Ascendent. Bouts of depression, crying, stress, solitude… It feels like my emotions are all over the place. I am fondly reminiscing the liberating spring time and counting days until Saturn leaves Scorpio. It is absolutely the worst position for such a deep zodiac sign.

    I knew this time period (3 years!) would be challenging but I never knew it would be this hard. And I’ve almost forgotten how it was before when life was still good…

  39. Thanks for sharing your experience Kaitlyn. I’m sorry to hear you are feeling so sad. Hopefully some of the emotional weight will start to lift when Saturn moves into Sagittarius properly.

  40. First time when Saturn hit my ascendant I was 10 and the crazy thing is that I remember it as one of the best years in my life! I ‘only’ broke my middle finger and had a knee problem that year which limited me in my favorite sport at the time. But had a lot of fun with in other areas of life (maybe because at the time jupiter hit all my pisces planets). My grandpa died, which was sad, but acceptable to me since I was way closer to my other grandpa and happy he was still there! So a part from some trouble a great year! I also fell in love for the first time :-).

    Now I am 39 and saturn is approaching again (10degr saggitarius) and I am curious how to experience it this time. Hope just like the first time without drama’s, but I will be cautious with too much or risky sports, stairs etc πŸ˜‰ and will have to visit the dentist soon because I already seem to feel my teeth reacting to it’s approach! The best dog I ever owed will die because he is already in his bonus time. I (and my sons) will miss him but I am also happy I have (had) him so long in my life! Hope important people to me stay alive!
    I have saturn in 8 in my natal. Square jupiter, triangle sun.
    Funny thing is I seem to have way more trouble with saturn in 12…..first cycle and now again, I tend to find that lonely heavy periods. Does that happen more often?

  41. Hi Leah!
    Transit Saturn is currently conjunct my ascendent. I am 2 degrees sag rising. Saturn already entered into my 1st house from Jan – may 2015 and then retrograded back into the 12th. I have excellent health but feel more tired lately. The energy around me also feels so much heavier which is to be expected. I have always loved change being sag rising and sag moon and I’ve been very disappointed this transit is not bringing change into my life! I’ve been in the same dead end job for almost 7 years and have been bullied beyond belief by co workers. I have tried many times to leave without any success. I also am in a bad living situation and have wanted to move for the past year with no success lol. The eclipses over the past year have been in my 10th and 4th houses and still NO CHANGE!!! The only changes I have experienced in the recent past has been important relationships that have been ripped out of my life (transit Saturn thru the 12th) and so I have found myself standing alone all the time. I was actually looking forward to Saturn going thru my 1st house because I thought it would be bringing change into my life because that is what I want! (i.e. New job, new residence, new relationships) Now I started to think otherwise. Is Saturn going thru the 1st not to bring about out word change into somebody’s life? I have already grown immensely within in regards to my inner strength but my outer world just continues to be the same which makes things so depressing! Do you have any advise? Thank you ~

  42. Hi Leah

    Saturn is in my Natal Chart in the 3rd House Aries. I am a Sagittarius Ascendent. This last Moon in Aries was tough, I lost 4 teeth and have an infection in both arms. As far as I understand Saturn also moves through my 12 th House. How long is this lasting ? My divorce is about to be final in November. Really hope that the worst will be over……Happy for any comments πŸ™‚

  43. Hi Eli
    Sorry to hear you have been so poorly! How long the transit over your Ascendant lasts will depend on the degree of your Ascendant. Sometimes Saturn will hit that point once, sometimes three times. You can cast your chart for free at to see the chart and also the transits around it to see where Saturn is now.

  44. Saturn was exact on my Asc yesterday and that’s when I got the call that my dissertation proposal, which I’ve been working on for the last year, was rejected by the powers that be because my methods expert actually isn’t an expert and he is not qualified to be on my committee. This should have been caught a year ago, not now. I now have to redesign my study and start over. My natal Saturn is in the 3rd house Pisces so there you go. Also, my mother is terminally ill and has very little time left for this life. That is a pretty major shift in any maturing process. What is also interesting is that pluto is in capricorn, which is my second house and unexpected expenses keep coming up. I find my health is beginning to improve though rather than falter and I do feel more determined to get healthy. I have been experiencing major obstacles for months in many ways and I have no time for myself at all, which is unusual. Every time I think I will get a break another responsibility arises to suck up the time. I am also leaving a job and beginning a new career. Yep, it’s all happening now.

  45. As saturn crossed my Ascendent I got into a big fight with my boss and quit my job after 40 years of service at an institution of higher learning. . I feel like I amputated one entire side of my body. It has been 8 weeks and I am terribly depressed. I had thought about retiring for a few years, but my job has been my entire life and now I feel cut off from the world. My husband is very supportive, but my identity was so tied up with my job that I now have trouble sometimes getting out of bed. There doesn’t seem to be much to live for. I am seeking professional help, but it doesn’t seem to make much difference. My natal Saturn and Moon are in my 9th house and my sun, mercury, and mars are in my first house of Sagittarius.
    I have been a student of astrology for over 45 years and I knew I was headed for the “obscure phase” of life when Saturn crossed my Ascendant, but I thought I was mentally prepared for it. Nothing has ever hit me this hard and I have never felt so alone. I am doing volunteer work at a pet shelter and that gives me a little relief, but not much. At age 69, I don’t feel like I am going to come out of this and ever have the life I used to have.

  46. Transiting Saturn is now exactly on my ASC. My natal Saturn is 3Β°48′ Sag. and this was my second Saturn return. I am starting to feel much better just now, more alive; Saturn in my 12th was “a quiet time” to put it mildly. However, being an astrologer and psychic helps; I have been very careful and have prepared well for this transit, leading an extremely Saturnian life, which is the point of it all – getting to know and learning to integrate the Saturn principles.
    The following book is useful: Astro-Alchemy (Making the Most of Your Transits) by Joan Negus.

  47. when saturn scorpio in my 12th house and my venus natal chart is 12th house too.. i break up with my first seious relationship. doing mid thesis. no job. financial issue, problem with family. just a messssss!YUCK. the worst time. now going to my asc sag..
    i am 23,years old..

    my life just like titanic.. from great place, great hope. happy. become stressfull and gone. i want to be happy again with my partner………

  48. Hi Linda – Thanks for sharing your experience with this transit. Yes, it can be very tough sometimes. It was for me too when Saturn went over my Asc but the pressure WILL lift and you will eventually recover from these things and be stronger for it. I know it’s hard whilst it’s happening though. Wishing you more peaceful times ahead.

  49. Hi Jeannie
    Thanks for your comment. It sounds like you were super prepared for Saturn – perfect! It does help knowing what transits are coming up! Thanks for the book recommendation too. I will check it out.

  50. Thank you for this article as it is quite excellent… Saturn is conjunct my ASC today (9sag) and I’m feeling quite down discouraged and my body has slowed up. Natal Saturn in the 3rd and rules the 2nd. Also square 3rd h Sun and 9 h Uranus. Financial darkness and just can’t be heard. Solace in knowing a deliberate force at the time.

  51. Saturn in sag is transisting my asc sag. I hve always wanted to be tall and have a toned body. I’m a little overweight, thanks to my love for food. Now I can see that clearly and after being sad for a couple of months. When Saturn was transisting my 12 house I dreamt of having toned and tall body but apart from dreaming I didn’t do anything. Now when I look at myself in mirror I know exactly how I want to be. Being a teenager ,unlike being confused always, I have decided to explore life, try out new things and go out on a spiritual journey to find who I am actually. Natally I have a fifth house Saturn and Mars conjunct Pluto so my entire childhood has been pretty cruel to me with bullying, low self esteem and low confidence… But now since this transit has begun I can feel that things can only get better and will get better… Just hoping my exercise, meditation and diet regime works out…

  52. Saturn coming up to my 12 degree Sag Asc, I love reading people’s experiences. I’ve been feeling extremely low, lethargic this 12th house transit Susie yes thyroid problems, weight gain (never had before as I have a very lean Sag Asc look) loneliness feeling ill never partner again.
    But kind of looking forward to change ..deciding new career…I have some very key string transits going on Jupiter/NN on my MC soon just touches it then goes retro but that and Mars going through 11th I think there’s change afoot. Hope it’s positive.

  53. Saturn is a few degrees from going direct on my ascendant and Capricorn is on cusp of 2nd house, Saturn is in Libra in 10th natal, conjunct Pluto and square Mars in the 8th.

    I’m confronting government (10th) about huge monetary penalties (2nd) and possible prosecution (10th/Pluto/Libra). I have past life fears of persecution (square = violence) that are resurfacing and feeling a lot of anger (Mars) towards myself ( sun and moon are also in the 8th).

    I’ve turned to herbal medicines to help me through this time …

  54. Saturn has just moved conjunct my Sagg Ascendant at 12 degrees my Ascendant is at 13 degrees.

    Firstly I am a Virgo Sun. The Saturn transit I am definitely more focused on my health and fitness I’ve been going to the gym pretty regularly since mid 2014 (solar eclipse in 6th house) This year I’m definitely taking my fitness to the next level.
    I’ve taken necessary steps, I’m tracking my progress, setting goals keeping track of my daily, weekly and monthly goals. My body is changing for the better I’m the leanest, fittest and more flexible and energetic than I’ve ever been.

    My only concern at this stage is burnout at the same time I’m having a very potent transit of Pluto trine my Sun I have never been this focused, determined and committed.

    I must admit though I do feel more tired than usual but I keep active I just sleep better at night and try to go to bed earlier.

    This weekend I went clothes shopping and I could see the Saturn influence. I went more for conservative yet stylish dresses, dark, (navy blue, black) and Earthy tones (cream, earthy/neutral and white) I’m very much aware of how I’m seen by others and I would like to be seen in a certain way.

    Changing careers is definitely on the table for me too. I’ve been in negotiations since last year for a position with much more responsibility and yes doubts have crept in that is normal I guess.

  55. It’s been humbling to read about everyone’s experiences. Thank you, Leah, for your article! I’d just like to tell everyone that it really does get better. I had my Saturn conjunct Ascendant 7 years ago after an awful 12th house transit (break-up, depression, unsure life direction, loneliness). When Saturn crossed my Ascendant, my former boyfriend came back and we got engaged (married for 5 years now!). My spiritual faith crystallized, the depression lifted, and my life direction became clear. It wasn’t an easy ride but if it weren’t for that transit, I would still be stuck in old and outmoded patterns of life. Now Saturn is crossing my IC (which is a whole other story) and that’s challenging, but I’m prepared for it. Keep at it, everyone, it gets better.

  56. I am Scorpio sun with Sag rising (15’3). I’ve been having a few years of hell already. My marriage fell apart. I lost my house through divorce. I am as alone as ever. I am very depressed and ridden with anxiety, trying hard to avoid anti-depressants. I am also alone in foreign country, with no family. My future is unstable and not clear at all. My finances are shaky. My health is wobbly. When Saturn was in my sign, I have met the absolute love of my life and a soulmate (or so I felt) and he betrayed me and left after a year in a cruel way.

    I have worked through an immense number of personal issues in the last couple of years. So it all has been very helpful overall. Yes yes. I can definitely say that I am a much better, mature and real person now, as a result of going through all the experiences. But I am also extremely tired and discouraged. These lessons have been so hard and so painful.

    I also have Neptune sitting right on my natal Asc (at 14’25). Now as Saturn is approaching my Asc I feel more and more depressed and hopeless. Like I live in a fog. I dream nightmares every night. Feeling lost. Trudging through endless mud. Completely alone. I don’t know if having Neptune there in the mix with Saturn coming to cross my Asc is an “added bonus” or what. Just so tired.

    I also can’t believe that Saturn will then go Retrograde and hit my Asc back and forth again. I definitely do not feel like I have it in me anymore

  57. Hi All,
    I have Saturn transiting the first house now. Just began. When in the 12th, both my parents passed on and I distanced or ended long term friendships that I realized were negative. Kind of like my eyes flashed open overnight and I saw clearly! Now in the first house I think I am dealing with the aftermath of all that. Like, “Now what?!” I am totally focused on how to improve my self esteem. I hired a trainer, tracking my steps everyday and having absolute driven discipline in regards to my diet. I am also getting braces (at 45). All the themes seem to be about being critical of the self, self improvement and refining/redefining. I totally welcome all of this! I guess I generally feel what people might say is that Saturn heaviness and loneliness but it’s not too bad really. And I see the light at the end of the tunnel. This time is so necessary for me. Redefining who I am and want to be after having let go of the difficult relationships, unconscious habits and immature behaviors. Hang in there everyone! This is a great time of focus that you will be grateful for later. Just keep going and striving. Cut yourself some slack and be gentle with yourself. You’re doing great and all is well!

  58. Hi Molly – thanks for your inspirational comment! I’m so sorry to hear you lost both your parents but I’m glad for you that you’re feeling the benefits of this transit too.

  59. I can relate to every person here that has shared their story about T-Saturn conjuncting Ascendant! Health, loneliness, separations, financial struggles, death of a neighbor and spiritually immersed in theology. On top of it I have T-Uranus conjuncting my N-Sun with a stellIum in my P-8th house. I have mentally and physically shut down, however, it feels more like I am in a cocoon about to be reborn. Be it in this dimension or another I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. A new life is about to come knocking at my door like a bolt of lightening. I am eager for that moment to come. Thank you for your article!! However, difficult Saturn can be in our lives it also brings new life.. There is always a rainbow after the storms.

  60. I have a 6 planets including the sun in Virgo with Sag rising. when Saturn first entered Sag (my 12th house) and squared my moon-Venus conjunction, my favorite cat got killed by a car. This was not just my favorite cat. He was the love of my life! Truly, he got me through every day and made me smile. I was devastated by the loss. After about 6 months, we adopted another kitten. He was wonderful. I was healing and learning to smile again. Then as Saturn squared my sun, he just disappeared! He left one day and didn’t come back. He was an indoor/outdoor kitty and was used to going in and out through our cat door. So now I am not just heartbroken, but truly bitter. I have so much anger and resentment that this has happened two years in a row! Of course these are just outer manifestations.
    With Neptune in Pisces as well, all of us with mutable signs are being hit by Saturn and Neptune as well, and Jupiter in Virgo does not seem to be lightening the load, improving my outlook, or providing any opportunities! With Neptune opposing my Virgo sun and Saturn in my 12th squaring it, I am so totally exhausted even after sleeping 10-12 hours. I force myself to exercise, and it literally feels like I am moving under water! I also know I am in need of a career change, but have no idea at all where I am headed. I am hoping that when Saturn finally crosses my ascendant at the end of 2016, I will have at least some idea of where i’m headed. I kind of doubt that the loneliness and self isolation are going to let up any time soon. I hate being a buzz kill when I used to be the life of the party! I’ll bet all Sags feel this way.

  61. Hi Maeve
    I’m so sorry to hear you lost both your cats. As an animal lover I can understand how painful this has been for you. Wishing you peace and healing.

  62. Thank you for this site! I just googled for something about transiting Saturn crossing the Ascendant, because I felt rather low (Asc in 15:30 Sag), and so it really helped me to read all this about being tired and feeling lonely, which it just how I feel these days. The good thing about astrology is, that you know, that things will pass, but sometimes you nevertheless needs some confirming statements, that it really will pass πŸ™‚

  63. Saturn will be crossing me ascendant soon. At the same time, transiting Uranus will be conjunct my natal Saturn. I have a natal grand trine with my Ascendant, Sun, and Saturn (in my 4th). I recently began divorce proceedings and have a very unstable home life situation with my kids. Needless to say, I have felt something brewing for a while now. I have fears about this upcoming whammy of a hit. I’m hoping the grand trine will help me out throughout this. I am very bored with where I live, but do not want to uproot my kids. I am also worried about losing my job, as it is also not very stable at the moment. I am in a new relationship, as well. And he is the greatest love of my life. I don’t want this relationship to be negatively affected. Any thoughts?

  64. I am almost 68 years old and I am just loving the way I feel so competent of late. My ascendant is 12 degrees Sag and though I am getting transiting Saturn it is just what I need with a transiting Jupiter squaring my Sun and Jupiter opposition. A great combo! I feel bubbly, yet grounded. I am cataloging my photographic work for entry into The archives of a museum…a lot of effort, but also a satisfying review and acknowlegment of my life’s work. I lost my only part time job but immediately an exciting possibility of ghost writing someone’s memoirs came up. All my new possibilities seem so speculative, a strange and scary change from the last safe years, and yet I feel suddenly so secure and sure. In my life Saturn transits always felt heavy even though they produced results, made my dreams concrete. Now it doesn’t feel heavy at feels endearingly solid. I feel lightheaded, scared about the future, yet secure. I like getting older!

    PS another strange-or not so strange-effect of that Saturn transit is that men older than me seem to be looking to me for inspiration and gaiety in their lives. Saturn is an old man, isn’t he πŸ™‚

  65. Hi Annie – Thank you for sharing your Saturnian wisdom! It’s wonderful that you have come to appreciate Saturn’s gifts over time. And yes, Saturn tends to indicate an older man πŸ™‚

  66. I had Saturn transit my 21 degree Scorpio Ascendant in January, 2014. It was a literal hell on Earth – severe depression, anxiety, lost direction/feeling aimless and void of energy. The twelfth house transit was equally bad – Ilost my job, home, friends, and my self-esteem. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Of course, everyone experiences this transit differently. I find it fascinating how accurate the Saturn cycle is in my life; when it first crossed my Ascendant in November, 1984, my Dad and I fought, and he threw me out of the family home (we later reconciled) after me living there for 18 years (we moved in when Saturn crossed my IC/fourth house). In January, 2014, when Saturn again conjuncted my ASC, I again was “thrown out” of my apartment by my landlord after living there for 18 years for failure to pay the rent (lost my career job). The timing of these events is amazing, from a Saturn perspective.

    This time around, I instinctively KNOW that my life will not seriously “pick up” again until Saturn crosses my IC/fourth house/second quadrant. The same with the last cycle; when Saturn crossed my IC, i began my 18 year “upswing” in regards to a great new apartment and a fantastic career job (which lasted for 15 years).

    Astrologers Michael Erlewine and Joseph Silviera deMello claim the true new beginning for the many people is when Saturn crosses the IC – for me, this is 100% accurate, although, as I mentioned, others experience it at the ASC.

  67. I have Saturn going back and forth over the Sag. ascendant. I feel like I’m regaining an inner authority, that was flat out gone.. I have saturn in pisces natally. And Neptune has just finished transiting my natal saturn in pisces.. To top it off I’ve been going through my chiron return, which is just now in the rear view mirror.
    I’ve had to learn to marry my saturn and neptune together. It is a heroine’s journey.
    Saturn for me, has been letting my structures fall apart if they are false. It plays out like anti-saturn.. it is an inner saturn that is about flow, and letting go. Boy what an interesting time.

  68. Christine A Taegar

    I have Saturn right on ASC now – 16 Sag, with my natal Saturn at 20 Sag so getting ready for second Saturn return. Feel isolative – want to be alone. Interospective. Serious financial burdens. Family issues. Lots of work piled on. I would love to get a reading,

  69. Saturn is transiting conjunct my ascendant at 12 Sag. When it hit for the second time a few days ago I had the urge to stop smoking and I’m finding it surprisingly easy. I have Saturn natally in the 5th trine Venus in Cap in 1st. I’ve been finding this transit has seriously affected my social life and leisure pursuits. Obstacles have arisen preventing me from doing my usual sports and starting new hobbies (some of these obstacles are my children ha!). At the beginning of the transit I found this difficult because I am always active and I felt I was being held back. But now I’ve given in and I’m just going with the flow. I do feel lonely but part of me doesn’t really want to socialise. I also feel my age for the first time ever. All in all though this transit hasn’t been bad (so far).

  70. Thanks for your comment Ann and well done on giving up smoking! Saturn does make ‘giving up’ (whether food or cigarettes or alcohol) quite easy because he offers us that self-discipline. It sounds like Saturn is working well for you and hopefully you will be back to your sports and hobbies in no time.

  71. I logged in to second the last comment from Ann, above: I’m also 12 Sag Asc, and I too have been feeling actually old for the first time (I’m 42), physically and mentally. I have also tried to quit smoking (and reduce drinking) during the first Saturn pass, though that hasn’t stuck: it’s hasn’t been so easy for me since i’m a native Pisces and am facing the end of my mid-life Neptune square, so I have lots of Neptunian indulgence/escapism stuff happening :). (And a Neptune square Ascendant to look forward to in a year or so!). I’ve also seen my social life (including dating) almost completely dry up – this has been tough on my jovial Sag nature.
    In short, good old Saturn seems to have drained the joy and fun out of pretty much every aspect of my life, the humorless old grouch. It was frustrating and scary during the first pass in Jan, but now I am starting to get it, not seeking or expecting thrills, but resigned to grind it out, disciplining myself (soon, I promise!) and letting Saturn do his work. Hopefully I’ll be in better shape to enjoy myself when he’s finally through!
    Anyway, sorry for the long post but I really am glad I came across this site!

  72. hello Leah
    my asc is on sag 14, conjunct my retro Neptune. Saturn has been doing his back and forth in my 12th, very close to my asc (even maybe on it as I’m not 100% sure of my exact birth time). Its effect has been mostly positive and creative for me. Yes, I stopped talking to my father but that was largely a ‘take-my-power-back’/’setting-my-boundaries’ experience for me (I’m also having Pluto opposing Sun which I guess gets mixed into that).
    I’ve been seriously focused on going forward with my art-practice which I had abandoned very early due to my parents’ disapproval (both my parents have Capricorn moons) and I”m finding great & positive feedback from the people who witness what I do (invitations to do more abound, some of them including trips abroad). The artworks I do have dealt a lot with feelings of entrapment and the underworld, caves, basements etc are big parts of them, as well as the figures of Persephone as the one who goes beyond and returns, and Ulysses, the exile one. I think that after having dear Pluto transiting my 1st now it’s time to put all his lessons in practice, crystallize them in a way.
    I am working on getting my self better cared for and fit, I did get more white hair than ever but coming to grips with that, responsibilities and anxiety has increased but I’m taking it in stride.
    My natal Saturn forms a square to my Mars and I’ve recently decided to accept that much of my getting my heart’s desire will require lots of ‘resistance training’, so I feel up to the challenge.
    Only health issue so far a pained knee joint which I’m treating and does well as long as I don’t stop exercising.
    Last thing which I think might be important here is that this Saturn forms a trine to my natal on in Leo . . all in all, it’s a demanding time, it feels like it’s a new day, a new dawn, a new life and I”m feeling GOOD (albeit a little bit exhausted πŸ˜‰ )

  73. Hi D – thanks for sharing your experience of this transit. I love that you are getting serious about your art work, that’s wonderful. ‘Resistance training’ with Mars and Saturn – absolutely! Fabulous analogy!

  74. Over the last 6-8 months I have had the most successful period in my career (artist) this has been while Saturn has been over and around my Uranus has conjunct my Saturn and I feel the tension to totally reinvent my self / work in the coming year.suddenly I’m lost πŸ™

  75. Hi all!
    First I want to thank Leah for this terrific site, and I love reading all the comments! It is like group therapy, and totally fitting that, as we are all feeling anti social, we don’t have to leave the house!
    I’ve had Saturn in the 12th squaring most of my Virgo planets since the beginning of 2015. Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sag have been doing a little dance together on my 10 degree Virgo sun, and they hate each other! Saturn insists upon a rather grueling adherence to rules of a reality that Neptune claims doesn’t really exist! Saturn claims Neptune is mere illusion, and Neptune claims the same of Saturn! Balancing between these two is maddening. Anyone who has planets around 10 degree of the mutable signs is being hit with this. One thing for me is Neptune has really given me a beautiful and active dream life, and I have been practicing lucid dreaming with great success. Then I wake up! Boy oh boy does the combination of these two planets make you tired, lost, confused and depressed, esp. with Saturn in the 12th. So, I think, what would be the ideal combination of these two seemingly opposing planetary energies? Spiritual (Neptune) Discipline (Saturn). So I have been trying to incorporate more yoga and meditation, as well as lucid dream techniques, into my day in place of drinking and TV. It’s hard. Some days I lose the struggle. I am grateful to have enough time off from outer obligations to just drift and dream.
    What I wanted to know from Leah is, do you think that my physical energy will increase when Saturn leaves off squaring my sun but conjuncts my ascendant? I’ve always thought the sun is one’s vitality while the ascendant is how one expresses that vitality. I am really hoping! I am just so tired of being tired!

  76. Hi Maeve
    Thanks for your comment and fabulous insight into the Saturn/Neptune dilema. Spiritual discipline is absolutely perfect for these two. Lucid dreaming is a wonderful skill. I practice it too but like you, sometimes when I wake up the world seems suddenly rather, well…Saturn haha! Now, with Saturn conjunct Asc and crossing into the first, I do tend to find that it can sometimes indicate lower energy levels as the first house is associated with overall well being. The discipline of yoga and meditation that you are learning now may be really helpful with when Saturn moves into the first. Normally I find that once Saturn has moved about 3 degrees away from the Ascendant, the main force of the transit states to abate.

    All that said, it’s possible that instead of affecting energy levels specifically, it may be more about taking on more responsibility, being more serious and structured in your approach to life, being very self disciplined, working hard etc. The main thing is to continue to work positively with the Saturnian energy as you’re already doing. Saturn square your Sun is been priming you for the new chapter when he crosses over your ASC. It’s all about self-mastery πŸ™‚

  77. My Saturn adjacent ascendant started two months back. I left my new hectic job which I sought after my MBA. I decided to do this as I thought I deserved something better. During this time I had my girlfriend who I was serious with to support me. Although my girlfriend and I shared a passionate relationship, we had many unions and separations and lot of times my friends asked me to move on and I could do much better. But the fact that she was with me surin this tough time strengthened my feelings towards her and reached a certain point I introduced her to my parents. We decided we were serious about each other and decided this was the next logical step. A month later, after one of our fights she decided to end the relationship and blocked me out of her life. I broke down and finally my mom had come to my rescue through my emotional breakdown. Like all the stories stated above, this time helped me realise a lot of thing. I am 26 without a job even after being educated. I am longing for someone to come back who doesn’t even want me in her life. My ego has hit a new low. I feel very lonely. Saturn has made me realize my shortcomings but it’s been long and I don’t see a positive light at the end of the tunnel.i have tried hypnotherapy,counselling but my relief is temporary and i am back to the same situation the next day. Hoping there is a happy ending like all the above stories. Strangely I have a Neptune square ascendant and the last time this happened my life turned around. I was in a rut but came out of it, met my ex girlfriend and became more confident about my career. The moment Neptune left things again started going a little haywire. I wasn’t a strong beleiver of astrology but now I have become obsessed with it. And i really want all the planets to stop messing with my ascendant

  78. Hi, thanks for your article. πŸ™‚ I am Capricorn and Saturn is transiting now my ascendant. Last years have been anyway difficult,but last months I had the impression to live in some of my worst nightmares. It started with a stranger harassing me out of my house, coming back home after work. That brought up a problem I had already and related to some issues from my teenage, when I was harassed sometimes by a family member. I decided to start a therapy and luckily on time before other strong events happening. I have experienced strong depression. My ex, who came back in my life after two years silence, started to behave strangely ( we live also in different countries and come from different ones too) and we broke up again. My brother, which is the reason why I left the country where I am from,after seven years cleaned started again to take drugs as a consequence of experiencing strong losses in every area of his life. My father who helped him the first time of his drug addiction problem, is now suffering from a devastating depression and has not anymore the power he used to have. In all of this, we all have the bad feeling, my brother will try to end his own life. Besides all my everyday problems, being abroad, having not too much money, which are nothing now in comparison to the worries and pain for my family, I am struggling to see any hope for a better future for me and my family, destroyed by all at once a tragedy. The only positive thing, is that I managed to build a good friendship with my ex, who is supporting me in this moment of my life. And I am thankful for other two good friends and all the efforts of my family to try to go on and face in the best way – if there’s one – all. I feel lost.

  79. Hi Greta
    Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry to hear things have been so difficult for you and your family. I hope your brother can find the help he needs and that all of you have better times ahead. Blessings.

  80. Saturn conjunct my ascendant destroyed 15 years of a good marriage. Put me aside of things and people that I really loved.It was worse than my 1st Saturn return. t was the sadiest time of my life. I saw how cruel life can be. It took my joy, hope away. Now it passed, but I lost my faith in God. I dont pray anymore. Just watch and live. Cryed almost 3 years.

  81. I’m a sag ascendant with jupiter in the first house. During saturn’s transit my health issues came to the forefront of my life and I put everything on hold to address it. It left me confused about everything in my life from career to relationships. I started studying astrology in depth instead of superficially. I also developed anxiety, fear, and worry, which I hadn’t experienced as often. I want to go off and find new experiences but I’ve become hesitant in taking risks. I can’t fully understand why I’m feeling and acting this way.

  82. Another Sagittarius ascendant here. My Asc is on the first degrees of Sag, so Saturn has been in my 1st house since the beginning of 2015.

    – First year (2015) lots of activity, but whatever I started doing ended badly, culminating in job loss.
    – Second year (2016) doing nothing and feeling ok with it, just letting life pass me by and not wanting to participate much, enjoying solitude.

    Overall there is a prevailing sense of being restricted, boundaries everywhere, feeling stuck, losing faith and direction in life. I feel as if I don’t have a purpose anymore, need to change carreer but have no motivation to do anything, because I see no point. Things that I used to love don’t interest me anymore. I feel tired and empty and wish there was a way to just sleep through this transit (which I have been more or less succesfully doing for the past year). Used to travel a lot, now I’m tied to my home because of elderly parents who need constant care and support. So yeah… not fun at all.

    – Year three (2017), we’ll see, It seems I’m slowly waking up and things are becoming a bit clearer as far as what I would llike to do with my life. So, let’s end it here on a positive note, like a proper Sag ascendant. Otherwise this would be a really depressing post πŸ˜€

  83. My ASC is on 17’55 and now Saturn is on 18’40.

    The transit of Saturn in the 12th house of crisis. Loneliness, pain, end of relationship, love dellusion, toxic relationships with borderline women, etc.

    When the Saturn went near ASC (from 5 degrees forward), things started to escalate. I met a new girlfriend, things were great, but then she got pregnant, we had an abortion, she got depressed and gave me the cold shoulder, blaming me for everything. Now i don’t speak to her 3 days ago. I don’t even know if i have a girlfriend anymore.

    My life is halted. Everything i touch seems to stop. I was suposed to make an internship of Psychology in the Hospital starting October, and it still didn’t started. Me and my gf adopted a dog. The dog disapeared. Lot’s of things happening wich gave me the impression of witchcraft.

    I feel i am getting stronger and more mature, but i am suffering a great deal, and for a long time.

    Now, Saturn is 1 degree after the ASC, and i hope things start to get better slowly – I HOPE.

    I feel like i need to stop, meditate, be with myself. Soon i will have to reconstruct the wreck that has been left.

  84. Hi, my name is Glenn. I have a 20 degree Sagittarius ASC. I feel extremely stressed from this transit approaching. I am scattered. I am an aspiring author over 15 years now, with four books done – some lengthy, an uncle read the first book and thought it was great, but literary agents seem to want TV stars first. I am 54. I want to make a move to Arizona due to arthritis issues ASAP. I have a military pension. It went through when Saturn was on my Part of Fortune at zero degrees Scorpio, it took many years to get after a medical discharge. When and where others easily get help, I do not in life. Is it normal to move with Saturn in the 1st House? I have zero friends now – no family around, mom is gone. I am OK alone as I write. Friends got to political and very negative so things ended –

  85. Continuing above comment – I have lots of other writing work well on its way besides the four completed books. Glenn

  86. I meant to write too political above – typo – with to – in general it has been a tough year for those with different political views. I try to be very tolerant of others but all of my acquaintances and friends (best friend committed suicide in January) became very intolerant of others to a degree I could not associate with them anymore. They were all women. I do have one female phone friend, but she does not live nearby, and she and I both know some astrology, she knows more than me. Glenn

  87. Hi Glenn
    Thanks for your comment, I’m so very sorry to hear about your friend who commited suicide.

    Yes, Saturn in the 1st natally can mean that when times are tough, you are taught to fall back on yourself for support. Arthritis too is connected to Saturn (I have Capricorn on my 6th house cusp and also have arthritis).

    You said you feel ‘scattered’ as Saturn approaches your ASC however Saturn’s action is to ‘get it together’. Whilst it can feel tough, Saturn passing over your ASC may be helpful in that he gives you a concrete base to work from, bringing those scattered pieces together.

    Good luck with the books – fabulous that you have already completed four of them! If literary agents aren’t taking you on, then self publishing may be a viable alternative in this day and age. If you do go down that route however, I would strongly recommend professional editing to give your book/s the best chance of success.


  88. hey hey, my saturn going to my ascendant in 2 days. I am super scared, im 18 years old, struggling in every part of my life, doing my best to get through life with lots of prayers and thinking the future must have something better for me. Saturn is going to my 7th house gemini in my ascendant sagittarius. So im just praying for the two years to go well, i cant deal with more pain, i don’t think i can deal with more trouble. So obviously saturn’s transition in my 6th house didn’t make anything good to me ! so guys, what should i do to survive the transit into the 7th house in a good way ?

  89. Thanks for this explanation. It’s been a fun year and some for me and Saturn, and looks like I have more to come. I’m Sun 10 Sag , Merc 14 Sag and Asc 26 Sag. Saturn is coming up to be bang on ascendant.

    I’m at a fork now as things have pretty much settled down from the flurry of activity and tons of responsibilities last year. We’re moving this spring. I’m returning to university.

    I teared up when I read that he was here to help. That would be nice, and greatly appreciated.

  90. Hi all. I have posted twice when Saturn was in my 12th, squaring my Virgo stellium. Since then i have lost 4 cats and my brother in law. Now Saturn is back and forth on my 21 Sag. When in my 12th, i knew i needed a new career. I am a massage therapist for 12 years, and suffering huge physical emotional burn out. I was not unhappy to hear my spa was closing. I started an on line real estate training course, which is mi nd numbingly boring and taking me forever to get through! Then i got an offer to rent a massage space for very cheap and be my own boss and make twice the money. I really can’t believe this opportunity comes now, when i just want out, but i need the money. So i decided to take 2 weeks in between starting at the new office, just to rest! All i want to do is rest, yet that seems impossible! I can’t get one day where i don’t have to deal with various responsibilities and chores, and my health, which i was determined to make my priority, is suffering. I am now burnout times 10. The good tning is i have cut my schedule way down. All my clients are complaining.haha. too bad. My turn now. Anyone want to rub my back??

  91. Hi, what do you do when Saturn has been really deep in your chart for a long time?

    I’m a Libra sun/mars, Scorpio moon/venus/pluto, Sag ascendant, and I’m part of that lucky generation that’s about to hit their Saturn’s return in Cap at the end of this year. So I’ve been under Saturn’s influence in a major way since 2009. I’ve survived but not thrived the way Saturn is supposed to reveal, and it feels like I’m wearing invisible ankle weights, but everyone’s asking why I can’t run as fast as everyone else.

    Did I miss all the lessons? What do I do if I did?

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