Lily New Year Spread

Lily’s New Year Spread

When I was young, every New Year’s Eve, my parents would go out to celebrate and I would stay at home with my Grandmother. We would spend the evening watching television together, sometimes talking. There was always tea and home-made cake. Then at the first stroke of midnight, my Grandmother would calmly walk into the kitchen to open the back door.

“Let’s see the old year out” she’d say as she stood for a moment, as if watching the old year pass out through the door. After a pause, she would shut the door firmly.

Then she’d walk to the front door, open it and say “And let’s see the new year in”, again pausing as if some invisible force of the new year blew into the house. Sometimes I remember her popping a finger in her mouth and holding it up to see which way the wind was blowing. She never really said much about what the wind told her but I remember watching and curiosity, feeling the cold air breeze on one side of my finger as I copied her.

So I was thinking about this and decided to devise a new spread for New Year. I hope you find it useful. I’ve named it Lily’s New Year Spread in honour of my Grandmother. Her real name was also Leah but many people called her Lil or Lily.

Lily New Year Spread


I have created a mock up of the spread design above so you can see the positioning but you can use a different pattern if you prefer.

1. The Closed Door – What you are letting go of?
Queen of Wands

2. The Open Door – What you are welcoming in?
King of Wands

3. The Lock – Main challenge of the year ahead.
The Hierophant

4. The Key – Main opportunity of the year ahead.
The Chariot

5. Midnight –  Moment of Magic – How can you empower yourself this coming year?
King of Pentacles

6. East Wind – Air – Ideas, thoughts, communication, plans. What are you learning this year?
Knight of Swords

7. South Wind – Fire – Inspiration, creativity, purpose. Your spiritual focus this year.
Page of Pentacles

8. West Wind – Water – Emotions, love, relationships. Your emotional focus this year.

9. North Wind – Earth – Money, work, career. What are you manifesting this year?
Three of Cups

10. The Clock Chimes – Overall message from Spirit (or the whisper in the wind!)
Ace of Wands

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  1. I love the idea of watching the old year leave and welcome the new year!! Another great spread for me to try in this hop too!!

  2. Enjoyed the story about your Grandma, she sounds like a cool person. Thank you for the cool spread to try. Brightest blessings.

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